Monday, February 2, 2015

Lovebirds - Valentine's Day Nails #11 - stamping nail art

Happy Groundhog Day!

I made this neon pink lovebird mani today. I stamped the black images on and added three rhinestone hearts. I used a marshmallow stamper to shrink the image on my index finger. I used a Konad stamper and added more black with a brush on the ring finger. On my screen this looks a little orange, but I hope it looks pink on yours.

Products used:

Ruby Kisses: RHDP01 Hot Pink Obsession (neon pink)
MoYou London: Tropical Collection 06 (lovebirds, hearts)
MoYou London: Explorer Collection 23 (flying bird)
MoYou London: Heartshaped rhinestones
Mundo de Uñas: 2 Black (stamping polish)
XL marshmallow stamper (shrinking)
Konad stamper

The MoYou plates are available in this size and XL size. So remember to measure your nails before buying them.

I really like these bird images, but I wish they were smaller. Luckily I can use this image, but on Tropical 06 most of the images of the birds are to wide for my small nails, and it was difficult to shrink an image without distorting it. (This is not a problem for most of you, because most of you have bigger nails than me.)

But if you are reading MoYou, please make the important part of each image small, and if you add a leaf or something, please include the whole leaf, and keep everything very detailed. That way it's easier for both us with small nails and those with bigger nailbeds to use each image successfully.

I had planned to make a Groundhog day mani, but let's hope I'll do that next year... Did you see the movie? It's very romantic, so it would be perfect for a V- day mani.