Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Old bottles of polish: Guerlain N°3 Brun

Hello everyone!

Guerlain N°3 Brun is one of my oldest bottles of nail polish. You might remember it from my vintage collection post. This is a dark brown creme polish with a subtle shimmer. You can see it on the photos that are taken in the sun. I hadn't used it for years, and the bottle seemed empty. But after adding thinner, the polish behaved like a one coater. So I added more, and then I noticed the shimmer! :-) I'm wearing 2 coats+ Seche Vite. The photos of the thumb were taken before top coat. Look how shiny it is! I don't know if this polish is a teenager or a young adult. Please let me know if you remember/ know.

I'll start with swatches, and then you can take a closer look at the bottle. (I'm sorry about my nail shape. It's because three nails on this hand are broken.)

Now I never wear brown polish. But a long time ago I used brown a lot. And it felt very strange when I was going to paint my nails, but now I like it again.

The bottle:

There's no text on the other side.

Sadly Guerlain is on the list of brands that are tested on animals, so I don't recommend buying from them. I just wanted to show you my vintage nail polish. And I wanted to show it before you see the nail art I made for the GOT Polish Challenge.

What do you think about this polish? Do you like brown nail polish or do you hate it?

♥ If you know anything about Guerlain N°3 Brun, please let me know! ♥


Thursday, September 18, 2014

GOT Polish Challenge: Ignored for too long

Hello everyone!

I was feeling ill, and think I had a little fever today, so I had to do something quick and easy. So foil it is. I had ignored very many polishes for too long, but had luckily decided on Zoya Jem, and was already wearing it.

2 days later: I'm well now, and noticed that I had added the wrong inlinkz, so I'm glad I set the blog post back to draft.

Jem is from Zoya's Smoke and Mirrors Collection Fall 2011. So I was surprised that I had to add thinner. The color reminds me of dark, very ripe sweet cherries. I like this dark purple shimmer very much, but after I bought it, I found Zoya on the "NO- list", and that's why I just couldn't wear it. But Zoya is now on the cruelty- free list! :-)

I just dipped a little brush in glue, and tried to make a frame of triangles, waited for the glue to turn invisible, and then applied the nail foil. I held a piece of foil over the nail, and pressed it down with a finger or a Q-tip, and lifted it up.

(If you wonder how to apply nail foil on the entire nail, click here)

This is a gold nail foil that looks kind of holographic. I bought it from KKCenterHk. The glue was a gift from last year, when they let me try their silver nail foil.

I used Picture Polish Revolution as top coat, because I had heard that it was supposed to work over foil. It didn't dull the nail foil, but it didn't prolong the weartime either. I didn't do much before going back to bed, and I could already see that the foil had started to wear off on the tips.

Do you know a top coat that works over foil? Have you tried any water based top coats?


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Enchanted Disney - GOT Polish Challenge: Indie

Hello everyone!

I used 3 polishes from Enchanted Polish. First a multichrome with holographic microglitter, and then I made a glitter gradient with 2 colorchanging glitters. I used Northern Lights as top coat before I stamped Mickey Mouse on. And the next day, I applied matte top coat.



Products used:

Products used:

Nubar: Ridge Filler (base coat)
Enchanted Polish: Octopuse's Garden
Enchanted Polish: Ola Rio
Enchanted Polish: Hello New York
Out The Door: INM Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat "Silver"
Infinity Nails #31 (stamping plate)
China Glaze: Admire (stamping polish)
Seche Vite (top coat)
Gosh: Matte top coat

I bought these Enchanted Polish bottles when they were easy to get, about 1,5 years ago, and I haven't showed them on the blog  before. Octopuse's Garden is from the 2013 Imagine Collection. The two color changing glitters are from the Big City Lights Collection 2012. So they are not very old, but old enough for the GOT Challenge.

I made this in May when Disney was the Nail Polish Queens challenge. If I had seen the movie "Saving Mr. Banks" before I made this manicure, I think I would have added palm trees.

I hope you liked this nail art. Below you can find thumbnails with links to the other participants.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Vacation Hauls 2014

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer/ winter. I just came back from vacation, and found some brands abroad that I'd only seen on other blogs. It was interesting to see them in real life, and I felt that I had to buy some when I had the chance. The bottles were on sale and/ or low price brands, and I tried to stay cruelty- free. We went on a little round trip through some European countries, and these are the nail polishes I picked up along the way. 

This might seem like a lot, and it is. LOL. I also got some nail mail...

...but except for these MoYou London stamping plates, I'll show the rest later.

You can click for larger pictures!

OPI mini set (Nordic Collection 2014). Gosh is one of my favorite brands.

Wet n Wild:

Nilens Jord, Benecos, Gosh, Nicole by OPI:

I was very sad when I forgot the charger for my camera, but found this universal battery charger. I really recommend it because it's supposed to work for all digital camera batteries, and it can even be used in the car.

Sorry about the bad picture, you can see the bottles better below.

Artdeco, Astor, Manhattan:

Rival de Loop:


Nailfoil, Magnetic top coat, 3 magnets:

Sparkle sand effect top coat:


I'm very curious about this ombre top coat:


My first cuticle remover and cuticle peeling. I only use nail oil, but look forward to try them, the nail wax and the cuticle cream. 

Press on nails and "Q-tips" developed to correct cosmetics like mascara, nail polish and so on: 


Sorry that the photo doesn't show the lovely shimmer in these Hema polishes:

Acrylic craft paint (gold, silver, glitter, neon pink, neon coral, and mint) and washi tape from the same brand:

Only You:


I was surprised by the interesting polishes from Etos. I wonder if the duochrome is a dupe of Dance Legend's The Knight! :-)


Brown: Going My Way Or Norway?
Vampy: Muir Muir On The Wall
Red: Cajun Shrimp
Green: My Dogsled Is A Hybrid - The best nail lacquer name ever!!! :-)

What also happened this summer, was that I broke 9 nails... Yes, 9! :-( But not at the same time. So as some nails grew enough to be called nubbins, and I started to feel better, other nails broke. 

I've bought this resin, resin activator and silk wrap, so that I'll be able to repair my nails without having to use a lamp, next time I break a nail. I wasn't able to get the ASP light- less gel kit, but this works too.

I hope you liked to see what I bought. I fell for some polishes that are different from the ones I already have, and I'm curious about many of these brands. I guess we all buy different polishes because of our taste and what we already have in our collection.