Thursday, September 18, 2014

GOT Polish Challenge: Ignored for too long

Hello everyone!

I was feeling ill, and think I had a little fever today, so I had to do something quick and easy. So foil it is. I had ignored very many polishes for too long, but had luckily decided on Zoya Jem, and was already wearing it.

2 days later: I'm well now, and noticed that I had added the wrong inlinkz, so I'm glad I set the blog post back to draft.

Jem is from Zoya's Smoke and Mirrors Collection Fall 2011. So I was surprised that I had to add thinner. The color reminds me of dark, very ripe sweet cherries. I like this dark purple shimmer very much, but after I bought it, I found Zoya on the "NO- list", and that's why I just couldn't wear it. But Zoya is now on the cruelty- free list! :-)

I just dipped a little brush in glue, and tried to make a frame of triangles, waited for the glue to turn invisible, and then applied the nail foil. I held a piece of foil over the nail, and pressed it down with a finger or a Q-tip, and lifted it up.

(If you wonder how to apply nail foil on the entire nail, click here)

This is a gold nail foil that looks kind of holographic. I bought it from KKCenterHk. The glue was a gift from last year, when they let me try their silver nail foil.

I used Picture Polish Revolution as top coat, because I had heard that it was supposed to work over foil. It didn't dull the nail foil, but it didn't prolong the weartime either. I didn't do much before going back to bed, and I could already see that the foil had started to wear off on the tips.

Do you know a top coat that works over foil? Have you tried any water based top coats?



  1. The mani looks fabulous. The foil outline makes it very eye catching!

    1. Thank you Margriet! :-) Yes, very eye catching, but I wish it lasted a little longer.

  2. Wow, what a pretty cool idea. I will have to try this too.

    Kind regards,

    1. What a beautiful Mani the foil truly adds a wow factor to it. This is a must add to in my nail polish collection.

    2. Thank you Elena! :-) If you do, I hope you have a top coat that works for foil.

  3. Thank you HappyGrandma! :-) I hope you'll like it.