Thursday, April 17, 2014

My entry to Nail Polish Canada's Easter Nail Art Challenge

Hello everyone!

I was very happy when I was invited to participate in Nail Polish Canada's Easter Nail Art Challenge. This is my entry.

You can look at all the entries and vote for your favorite here.

You can find details about this manicure and more photos here.

I wish you all a happy Easter Holiday! And good luck if you are participating!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ruby Kisses: Lavender Dream

Hello everyone!

Lavender Dream is a nearly pink pastel purple cream nail polish from Ruby Kisses. I've been wearing LD twice on my nails, and on my toes for a month. I'm not showing photos of my toes, although LD made my white feet look like I had a tan (as if it was a neon)! :-) I even got a compliment. Here you see what it looks like with a coat of Seche Vite in the sun and in the shade. I don't remember if I used 2 or 3 coats, but the formula was good.

GOT Polish Challenge: YELLOW/ PEACH

Hello everyone!

Helena Rubinstein: 'Lemon Heat' was one of the old bottles of polish that I looked forward to use when I first heard about the GOT Challenge. I don't remember when I bought it, but I think it can be considered vintage. Do you know how old it is? Maybe 15 years? Still no need for thinner.

You can find Lemon Heat swatched here, and my tiny vintage collection here.

For the stamping I used Konad: SN Yellow, and flowers from two Moyou London stamping plates: 08 (small) and 10 (XL), both from the Pro Collection. (I couldn't find 08 now that I wanted to link to it.)

The first photos below are of a shiny Lemon Heat with stamping, the next are with top coat (Seche Vite), and the rest are mattified (with GOSH #600 'Matt Effect Top Coat').

Thursday, March 20, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Nails: Mutagen stamped with MM04

Hello everyone!

To make these St. Patrick's Day Nails, I started with a green multichrome called Mutagen from I Love Nail Polish. I used 3 coats and top coat. Then I used Konad: SN Black to stamp the pattern from an image on Messy Mansion's stamping plate MM04. Because I have small nails, I could use different parts of the image like this. The first photo above is taken before top coating the stamping.


First a few photos of Mutagen on it's own, then more pictures of the finished manicure, and the plate. All the photos below are with top coat. Lighting: shade, sun, Ott- Lite, LED lamp. No under water photos this time.


I Love Nail Polish (ILNP): Mutagen
Messy Mansion: MM04
Konad: SN Black


I bought MM04 because of this image only, and I can't understand how someone can draw such an awesome design. Now that I have the plate, I also like many of the other images. I love the hands holding a heart, and the clover images. The plate has a lot of images that are perfect for those who celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but they can of course be used any time of the year. I didn't hold the stamping plate straight on the photo above, so the images in the front appear larger than they really are. The plate is very well etched, as usual with the Messy Mansion plates. Sadly there are some tiny holes in my dear perfect soft stamper, so if you see some green dots where it was supposed to be black, that's why. If my next stamper is of the same quality, I will be more careful with it.


This multichrome is a very vibrant green that changes color depending of the angle of your nails. It was difficult to photograph this polish. It looks even "greener" in real life. LOL. ILNP describes it as a mirror- like chrome. Mutagen is from ILNP's growing “Ultra Chrome” collection. I have the old version of Mutagen. Now they also have a holographic version called "Mutagen (H)". Mutagen is similar to, but not a dupe of Enchanted Polish: Hey Jude. Mutagen is less colorchanging than I had expected, but because of the vibrant green color and the mirror- like chrome effect, I love it.

What's your favourite multichrome nail polish?


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

GOT Polish Challenge: PURPLE. Old and newer blurple- aubergine- purple with silver Pueen 49 stamping

Hello everyone!

I wanted to use my vintage Estée Lauder polish and some other purple- aubergine- blurple 1,5-  a few years old polishes. With the stamping the difference between the polishes doesn't show much, but luckily it showed better on the photos. :-)

I'm not sure how old the Estée Lauder polish is, but probably 10- 15 years old. The glue is still where the name probably used to be... There's not much left in the bottle, and I had to use a little thinner. I would describe the color as a dark purple with a little grey and brown mixed in, and a lot of gold/ bronze shimmer. You can see it on my middle finger. I have showed this bottle before when I showed my tiny vintage nail polish collection. You can find it here.

I've written a list below, with all the products I used, and which nail polish you can see on which finger.

Gina Tricot, Nfu- Oh, Estée Lauder, OPI, Deborah Lippmann, China Glaze, Pueen 49


Duri Rejuvacote -base coat
Gina Tricot: #102 Cabaret - thumb
Nfu- Oh: #51 -index finger
Estée Lauder: no name - middle finger
OPI: Every Month is Oktoberfest - ring finger
Deborah Lippmann: Let's Go Crazy - pinkie
Stamping plate: Pueen 49
China Glaze: Awaken -silver
XL stamper
Lint roller - to remove polish from the stamper
Scotch tape - to remove polish from the skin
Brush dipped in acetone - to clean cuticles

Sadly I have not showed swatches of these before, other than Nfu- Oh #51 over a blue polish. You can see it here. I've used Nfu- Oh #51 several times for nail art. And the OPI has been used for layering here and here.

I tried to remove the stamped polish from my skin with scotch tape, as seen on Wacky Laki. Removing stamped polish from the skin with tape, and removing it from the stamper with a lint roller has saved me a lot of time.

Below you can see the other GOT nails. I was too late to add my thumbnail.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

GOT Polish Challenge: Valentines - Lavender, white and MM31

Hello everyone!

For this Golden Oldie Thursday, I picked OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender. This OPI is a few years old, so no vintage polish today. Then I stamped with Konad SN White and the same stamping plate that you saw in my last blog post; MM31 from Messy Mansion:

As you see, this full nail image is also very detailed, and perfect for both tiny nails like mine and for those with long nails and wide nail beds. I used the purple rectangular stamper again. I have very curved nails, and this time I tried to roll the stamper sideways. It stamped perfectly, but then I managed to get some white polish on the index nail! :-( I tried to remove it, but now that I look at the pictures, I see that there's still some left...

I've written about Lucky Lucky Lavender and showed lots of photos earlier here. I have no idea why it's currently my most viewed blog post.

Here are the Valentine's Day nails I've made so far:

Valentine's Day nails 1: Heart of a Vampire
Valentine's Day nails 2: Purple holo with red hearts
Valentine's Day nails 3: Black holo+ holo glitter+ black hearts
Valentine's Day nails 4: Black/ white rhinestone hearts+ 3 Halo Hues
Valentine's Day nails 5: Hearts with Sweet Dreams
Valentine's Day nails 6: Hearts with Gold and Raindrops
Valentine's Day nails 7: Black Hearts & Sparkling Venus
Valentine's Day nails 8: Love is Love - Pastel Rainbow Hearts

And below you can see which old nail polishes the other participants used for their Valentine's nail art.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Love is Love - Pastel Rainbow Hearts- Valentines Day nails #8, NPC's Valentine's Day Nail Art Challenge, and #31Nails2014 Day 19 Rainbow

Hello everyone!

I was invited to Nail Polish Canada's Valentine's Day nail art challenge! :-) You can vote for me here by choosing my blog url; nailphotosbylani. I've already seen some very beautiful entries, so I don't think I can win, but I do have many hearts on my tiny nails. Lol! How many hearts do you see?

I must admit that I was inspired by the discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians, that happen many places, but that we've heard so much about now before the Olympics. I think people should be treated with respect no matter who they happen to fall in love with. Love is Love.

Rainbow nails was one of the challenges in the 31 day challenge I tried to do in January. So now that I've finally done day 19, I only have 5 manicures to do for NAILS Magazine's #31Nails2014 Challenge! Sadly, I have only showed a few here on the blog. But if you are on facebook, you can see my #31Nails2014 photo album. I will also share them on Instagram soon. Please follow me on Instagram! Btw, have you seen that NAILS Magazine now have a new 31 day nail art challenge for February?

This manicure was also made for the Sunday challenge in the facebook group Adventures In Stamping. I've never made a manicure for 3 challenges before. :-)

And also I have my own Valentine's Day nails series. This is number 8. I've included links to the ones I've made so far at the end of this post.


Duri Rejuvacote (as base coat)

Nailstation: Guimauve (pink)
Nailstation: Agrume (orange)
Nailstation: Lightening Lemon (yellow)
Mi-Ny: #56 Klimt (green)
Nailstation: Gomme (blue) -used here in NPC Holiday Challenge
Gina Tricot: #47 Lilac me (indigo/ blue purple)
Linda Johansen: Violetta (violet/ red purple)

Sponge & dotting tool (for the gradient)
Messy Mansion: MM31 (stamping plate & palette)
Konad: SN White
Purple rectangular stamper
XL stamper (for the thumb)
Seche Vite

Nailstation, Mi-Ny and Linda Johansen are cruelty- free. I thought Gina Tricot was cruelty- free too, but now I couldn't get it confirmed...

I bought Nailstation, Linda Johansen, and the XL stamper from Norway Nails - The purple rectangular stamper, and MM31 from Messy Mansion.


I used all the pastels horizontally on my thumb. On the other fingers I tried to make a diagonal pastel rainbow gradient; Index: pink, orange. Middle finger: orange, yellow, green. Ring finger: green, blue, indigo. Pinkie: indigo, violet. And then I stamped white over it with my new absolutely gorgeous Valentines stamping plate MM31 from Messy Mansion.

Click to enlarge


I really love this stamping plate. The designs are awesome, and as you see, the images are so detailed that I can use them even though I have tiny nails that are very short, and the full nail image size is big (2,2 x 1,7 cm). So thank you Messy Mansion for making a stamping plate for all nail sizes!


It's also the first time I use a rectangular stamper. It was soft, but not as soft as the XL stamper, but easier to position, and the purple surface made it easier to see the white stamping polish. I also tried my new purple replacement head for the XL stamper, but it was harder than I had expected, and I couldn't make it work. So I guess I have to prime it. And it's the first time I use Duri Rejuvacote. After reading about it on the Messy Mansion web site, I really hope to get healthier and stronger nails. That, and using gloves when doing the dishes and housework, will hopefully prevent them from breaking so that I can get long nails again...


Valentine's Day nails 1: Heart of a Vampire
Valentine's Day nails 2: Purple holo with red hearts
Valentine's Day nails 3: Black holo+ holo glitter+ black hearts
Valentine's Day nails 4: Black/ white rhinestone hearts+ 3 Halo Hues
Valentine's Day nails 5: Hearts with Sweet Dreams
Valentine's Day nails 6: Hearts with Gold and Raindrops
Valentine's Day nails 7: Black Hearts & Sparkling Venus