Friday, August 8, 2014

My Entry for Nail Polish Canada's Summer 2014 Nail Art Challenge

Hello everyone!

I was invited to participate in Nail Polish Canada's Summer 2014 Nail Art Challenge. That made me very happy! :-) This is my entry. You can look at all the entries and vote for your favorite here.

Products used:

OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Butterfly nail stickers from Born Pretty Store
Snails Nail Art Pen: Truffles
Small round brush
Dance Legend Wow Prism: #35 Inhale
Dotting tools
Ellagee: Cadium Glass
Kleankolor Chunky Holo: #228 Candy, # 233 Teal, #230 Fuchsia
+ base coat and a lot of Seche Vite

I will write a separate blog post about how I did this and about these products. I'll link to it here when I've written it. But the short version is: 1. white nails 2. butterfly stickers 3. draw flowers 4. paint green background 5 LeadLight technique.

I was given the nail stickers for review, and Born Pretty Store wanted me to give you this 10% off discount coupon code: NPBL10K31, in case you want to buy something. But it looks like they have a 80% summer sale this weekend. :-)
Thank you Born Pretty Store! ♥

The Elagee polish and the nail art pen were bought from Norway Nails, and almost everything is 50% off there this weekend if you use this discount coupon code: ENDOFSUMMER.

♥ I hope you like this nail art! Have a nice weekend! Thank you Celine for inviting me! ♥


Thursday, July 31, 2014

MI-NY: Fluo Pink #4

Hello everyone!

This is a deep pink neon, and it looks darker and more neon in person. On the right hand I used two coats of MI-NY Fluo Pink #4, and on the left hand two coats over white. MI-NY is an Italian brand. "Be Fluo" is their neon collection. And according to their web page, their products and the raw materials are not tested on animals.

EDITED: MI-NY Cosmetics is available online, and they ship all over Europe. You can also find this polish in stores in Italy, Romania, Norway, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

2 photos without top coat:

2 coats over white

2 coats, fake ring finger nail

The rest of the pictures are with top coat (Glisten & Glow: HK Girl).

The consistency is very thin, but the 2nd layer makes everything OK. Personally I like it much better over white, because the color looks amazing and because it's not transparent. On it's own it's a little darker and a little transparent. So you can see that I currently have one fake nail on my right ring finger.

I didn't notice that it says on the bottle that this polish is for fake nails, until I watermarked the photos. So I'm glad that I at least have one nail that shows what this is supposed to look like. LOL :-)

The ingredients:

I felt pretty when wearing this polish, and it looked good in low light too:

I've used this polish for the leadlight technique earlier, but not showed it here on the blog yet.

Here are the other MI-NY polishes I've showed you:

BLUE SKY -used for nail art
KLIMT (on it's own and used for nail art/ layering)
I LOVE LONDON used for nail art (World Ovarian Cancer Day), used for layering
I LOVE HONG KONG+ layering
MI-NY Croc Color: Intense Red 2 -used for nail art (Canada Day Nails)

I hope you all enjoy your summer/ winter day/ night! ♥


Monday, June 30, 2014

Vintage Flowers - freehand nail art - inspired by xoJahtna

Hello everyone!

In one of the groups I'm a member of, flowers is the theme this month. "Vintage flower" was the theme last week, and "vintage" is the challenge in a different group this week. So I'll show you the rose, lilly, and daisy nails I made later. I must admit that I didn't know what "Vintage flowers" was until I saw the examples and videos we were given. I'll include the video tutorial made by xoJahtna, that helped and inspired me, at the end of the post.

What I did:

For these "Vintage Flower" nails, I applied Deborah Lippmann Blue Orchid, and made the flowers with acrylic craft paint and a toothpick. I used Seche Vite top coat. After a while I added silver holographic glitter; INM Out The Door Northern Lights Top Coat Silver.

Some photos are with holo glitter and some are not. It rained constantly the first day, but I got some photos without rain the second day, and then, to my surprise, the sun came back. So I hope you are ready for many photos! ♥

with glitter

without glitter

without glitter

without glitter

I was inspired by this video tutorial made by xoJahtna:

The plan was to do exactly what she did. But because of thunder and lightening I had to turn everything off, so I couldn't look at it when I struggled and had mixed the colors to much...

Nearly ready, before top coat:

Before top coat

Products used:

Duri Rejuvacote (base coat)
Deborah Lippmann: Blue Orchid (blue periwinkle cream) - Used before. To see it click here & here 
Acrylic craft paint (from Panduro):
-Titanium White (white)
-Rose (dark pink/ red)
-Emerald Green (green)
-Burnt Umber (brown) -used mixed with green and white
Seche Vite (top coat)
INM Out The Door Northern Lights Top Coat Silver (silver holographic micro glitter)

I hope you like this nail art. Did you notice that I didn't tell you which flower this was supposed to look like? LOL.

If you have any tips or tricks or favorite acrylic paint, I'll be very happy.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Music Nails with Dancers - stamping nail art - Music Nails Part II

Hello everyone!

This manicure kind of evolved, so now you see the finished result of my "Music Nails for World Music Day (Jun 21)". I just added black and white dancers to the manicure you saw in the last blog post. Some of you would probably have stopped as it was, and some of you prefer it with the dancers. I'll include a list and photos of the products I used below.

The thumb:

I love watching ballets, so I had wanted to make a ballet manicure for some time. But because my nails are small, I had to wait until they were long enough for the Konad dancers. The dancers on the MoYou London plate are smaller. (Most of you probably have room for more on your nails.)

The middle finger:

This is my favorite ballet image, and below you can see the plates I used.

Products used:

Gina Tricot Beauty Nails: #130 Shimmer mint

Stamped with:
China Glaze: Adore (from the China Glaze Romantique Collection)
Konad: SN Psyche Pink, Black, White
XL stamper with a new stamper head

Stamping plates:
Bundle Monster: BM-411 (from the 2013 "Create Your Own" Collection Set)
Pueen: 47 (from the 2013 "Love Elements" Collection Set)
Konad: S8
MoYou London: Princess collection- 02

& base coat (Duri Rejuvacote) & top coat (Seche Vite)

What do you think? Do you like it with the dancers? Or was it better without them?

(To see Part I, click here.)


Music Nails for World Music Day (Jun 21) - stamping nail art - Part I

Hello everyone!

"Music Nails for World Music Day (Jun 21)" was the theme for the Sunday stamping on facebook. So I found all my stamping plates that had something to do with music, tested on the right hand, and ended up with this on the left. I didn't have a plan.

What I did:

I started with "Shimmer mint" from Gina Tricot. Then I stamped the G-Clef & notes image from BM-411 with the turquoise China Glaze: Adore. And on top of that, I stamped the staff/ stave with notes image from Pueen 47 with Konad SN: Psyche Pink. (And I top coated after each step as usual.)

Shimmer mint from Gina Tricot is a mint green creme with gold shimmer. The consistency is strange, probably because of the gold particles. So you have to be careful and use as few strokes as possible.

I have used China Glaze: Adore, (the turquoise metallic from the Romantique Collection), for stamping several times, and it's nice to work with. But I wonder how it is compared to Mundo de Uñas' stamping polishes. Do you know if anyone have compared them? I've heard only good things about the cream MdU stamping polishes, but nothing about the metallic MdU stamping polish collection, except for gold.

I have started to use my second stamper, and finally it has started to work. I had to prime it a little. I'm sorry, but I have called my XL stamper head "soft and squishy", but now I've learned that a "soft and squishy" is a little harder than mine. Mine are called marshmallow. The first one was perfect, but I managed to get some tiny holes in it. :-( I think the new one is more sticky, but they are both extremely soft.

Products used:

Gina Tricot Beauty Nails: #130 Shimmer mint

Stamped with:
China Glaze: Adore - from the Romantique Collection
Konad: SN Psyche Pink
XL stamper with a new stamper head

Stamping plates:
Bundle Monster: BM-411 - from the 2013 "Create Your Own" Collection Set
Pueen: 47 - from the 2013 "Love Elements" Collection Set

I really liked it like this, but I felt like something was missing, so I...

♥ To be continued...               To see Part II, click here.

Friday, May 30, 2014

MoYou Butterflies - stamped and colored with the LeadLight technique

Hello everyone!

BUTTERFLIES was the theme for day 28 in MoYou-London's nail art challenge on Instagram. And it was one of the themes for the Sunday stamping in Adventures of Stamping. I really wanted to try the LeadLight technique after seeing a tutorial, where you create a kind of stained glass effect by painting over a stamped manicure with jelly/ sorbet/ LeadLight polishes. Thank you Messy Mansion for teaching me the technique! Unfortunately they don't ship their LeadLight Lacquer Collection outside Australia yet. So I had to improvise. Luckily I had seen a tutorial about how to use the technique with regular nail polish. I'll include both tutorials below.

I'm surprised by how well this turned out. Isn't it strange that I make the nail art that I like best when I've had a bad day and feel sad?

How I did it:

I started with white nails. For the stamping I used a butterfly plate; MoYou-London Collection -01, and Konad SN Black. Then I found a tiny brush and a dotting tool, and my different sheer polishes, and added some color. I don't have many jellies, so to make more colors, I mixed some drops of polish with clear on a palette. I used the back of a Messy Mansion stamping plate as palette. If it was opaque, I tried to mix with clear, and some jellies were not pigmented enough so I tried to mix them with polish. The glitter came from some Kleancolor Chunky Holo minis.

Here you see the palette and the products I used:

And here you see how this manicure evolved:

As you see, some of the polishes I mixed were too opaque because they covered the black stamped details, but it's not bad for a first try. What I've learned is that the polish needs to be sheer enough to not cover the stamping, and pigmented enough to color what you want in one coat. I wish I had the LeadLight Lacquers, because they also contain glitter.

Here are the ones I used that worked best that I didn't have to mix:

OPI: Houston We Have A Purple (used here)
Kleancolor 228 Chunky Holo Candy (used for nail art here and here)
Kleancolor 230 Chunky Holo Fuchsia
Kleancolor 232 Chunky Holo Clover

Here is the plate:

♥ Here are the tutorials! ♥
If you click on "YouTube", you can find their channels, see all the tutorials they've made, and subscribe.

Messy Mansion's LeadLight Technique tutorial. Messy Mansion's tutorial shows the LeadLight technique using jelly nail polish with glitter from their LeadLight Lacquer Collection, created for this nail art technique:

Eleonora Palma/ Nail Art Stamping Mania shows "the LeadLight technique in which you can  paint directly on the images stamped without covering the details (using jelly polishes)" with any type of polish:

I had fun trying this technique, mixing colors on the little palette, and finding out which of my polishes that work, and which LeadLight polishes I need. I'm waiting for some water decals, and want to try the technique over them next time.