Sunday, November 16, 2014

#52WPNMC - Yellow Roses - freehand nail art - BB's Autumn Challenge

Hello everyone!

"Yellow" is one of the themes in the 52 Week PICK N MIX Challenge this week, but I made this when "yellow" was the theme in the Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge. The base is Deborah Lippmann: Flowers In Her Hair, and the yellow roses and the leafs are painted with acrylic craft paint and a toothpick. Some photos are taken before I added INM Northern Lights, and some are with the holo microglitter. So this is a mint and yellow version of my Vintage Flowers nails.

One photo of how I made this:

The finished nail art:

I've used this polish before, for my LIVE ♥ laugh ♥ love nails.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


#52WPNMC - Wild Animals - African Sunset/ Sunrise Nails - stamping nail art

Hello everyone!

I had wanted to make African sunset/ sunrise nails for a long time, but when "wild animals" and "wildlife" were the challenges in two facebook groups, I finally made this today. All the pictures are taken inside, because we only have a few hours of winter daylight this time of the year.
Edited: I've added one photo taken in daylight, where you can see how shiny this mani is:


What I did:

I was already wearing a coral creme nail polish called Coral Reef by Mineral Fusion (3 coats + Seche Vite.) First I made a red- orange gradient, then I stamped the African animals and the tree on. I used two MoYou London stamping plates; I used #04 from the Kitty Collection for the big giraffe on the thumb. All the other images are from Explorer Collection #23. (#23 is perfect for us with small nail beds, but they have a XL plate with bigger images.) I also used the black Konad stamping polish to paint the "Savannah" tips.

Products used: 

Ruby Kisses: Cheesum (orange)
Mineral Fusion: Coral Reef (coral)
Gina Tricot: #146 The red (red)
Gina Tricot: #7 Zinfandel (dark red)
a stamping plate as palette
a dotting tool to mix the colors
a piece of a car sponge to make the gradient

MoYou London: Explorer Collection #23 (plate for small nail beds. They have a XL size too)
MoYou London: Kitty Collection #04 (big giraffe)
Konad SP Black (stamping polish)
marshmallow XL stamper

To avoid problems, I used different top coats; HK Girl over the gradient, and Seche Vite after the stamping.

The index nail is broken again, so had to glue it and use silk wrap and resin.

Below you can see what the other 52 Week PICK N MIX Challenge participants made. This week we could make a yellow mani, wild animals nail art, or combine the two prompts.


Monday, November 10, 2014

#52WPNMC - 3 shades of blue and blue foil

Hello everyone!

"3 shades of blue" is one of the themes this week in the 52 Week PICK N MIX Challenge (#52WPNMC).

My 3 blues are:

Sally Hansen: #420 Pacific Blue
Deborah Lippmann: Blue Orchid
Picture Polish: Freya's Cats

What I did:

The base is Pacific Blue. Then I made stripes with the brush from the bottles of Blue Orchid and Freya's Cats. Because I don't have a top coat that doesn't destroy the foil, I applied Seche Vite (top coat) before painting the foil glue on, and applying the blue nail foil. I bought the foil from KKCenterHk.

Sally Hansen: #420 Pacific Blue looks prettier than on the photo below:

I've only read good things about Pacific Blue, and when everybody started to buy as many back up bottles they could, I got curious. And now that I'm wearing it, I must say that I really understand the hype! This is a very beautiful royal blue, and it reminds me of my dear old Dior #489 Cobalt. Sally Hansen has made a new blue polish and given it the same name. I found this bottle on eBay.

With the stripes:

With the foil:

Freya's Cats and Blue Orchid are two of my favorite blues, but I haven't showed swatches of them yet. When I do I'll add inks here. One coat of both was enough here. Freya's cat's is created by Nihidra. 

I've used Blue Orchid for nail art 3 times:

LIVE ♥ laugh ♥ love
Easter chicks
Vintage Flowers - freehand nail art - inspired by xoJahtna

I hope you've had a nice weekend!


Sunday, November 2, 2014

‪#‎31nails2014‬: #9 Ombre & #30 A new technique

Hello everyone!

Making ombre nails by mixing one color with white is a new technique for me, and extra fun because the polish is color changing. And I think this is my favourite color, so this manicure could have been used for both day 9 Ombre, day 2 Favourite color, and day 30 A new technique. But I've already written about Day 2.

Look how different this mani looks in different light conditions:

Livingroom LED bulb (very bright)

Kitchen light (evening)

Outside (low winter light)

I've seen confusing use of the words "ombre nails" and "gradient nails", so I did a little research. I hope The Swatchaholic's definition of ombre nails is correct. I could have used 4 different polishes, but because this is a nail art challenge, I wanted to try to do it the hard way.

Inside Ott- Lite

I used the color changing polish Ruby Wing: Crowd Surf and mixed with IsaDora: #603 Tip White, just enough for each nail. In real life this looks very beautiful, but it's impossible to photograph... So the only way to see this, is to do it yourself.


Crowd Surf changes color when you go outside, but with modern lighting it's even more fun. I can even see the difference when I put the fingers under my IKEA LED lamp where it's a beautiful very bright (neon?) magenta, and take the hand away, and here, in front of the PC where it's darker.

Daylight: in the kitchen by the window
Evening: in the kitchen

So on some photos there's a nice ombre from pink to darker pink or lavender to violet, and on some photos it doesn't look like the ombre I tried to do because of the color changing polish.

Outside (low winter light)

Living room LED bulb?

Crowd Surf is on my top 20 list, but I haven't showed it here on the blog because I never feel my photos are good enough. It dries matte, but with a top coat it's extremely shiny. It's very eyecatching/ bright/ nearly neon, so if you wear it, you have to be ready to talk about your nails, because everyone will comment on them. I found it on eBay in spring 2013. It's from Ruby Wing's 2013 Summer Collection. Ruby Wing (look for Forsythe Cosmetic Group) and IsaDora are not tested on animals. :-)


Saturday, November 1, 2014

#31Nails2014 Day 8: French

Hello everyone!

For Day 8 in the 31 Day Challenge, I chose to use an old glitter french form 2012. I used Accessorize "Dream". You can read more and see more photos here.

Sorry about making many blog posts today, but I have too many swatches and old nail art that I should have showed you a long time ago.


#31Nails2014 Day 7: Black and White - 2 - Flowers

Hello everyone!

My second black and white mani for Day 7 in the 31 Day challenge (#31Nails2014)  was made back in January, and finally I'm making a blog post about it.

I painted my nails white with IsaDora #603 Tip White (which is cruelty- free), top coated, and stamped the flowers on with Konad SP Black and two stamping plates from MoYou London; Pro Collection 07 (small) and 14 (XL).

Because of my small nail beds, I often have to buy the same image in both XL to fit my thumbs and in small to look good on the other nails. It's a little frustrating economically, but here it also gave me the opportunity to mix up the images so that I got the variation I wanted on the nails.

I don't remember if I used a top coat. I usually do. But because of the low winter light outside, I've probably had to use the Ott- lite, and then the manis look matte on the photos... Do you have any god suggestions for winter photography?