Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nire's Desire: Prana

Hello everyone!

with top coat

I've enjoyed reading many "favorite polish lists" this week. So I started writing one too, but realized that I hadn't even showed them to you... well you have seen a few of them...

That's why you're looking at Nire's Desire: Prana today! :-)

It's one of my top 10 favorite polishes from 2014. It's a multichrome that looks red, purple and blue at the same time. It shifts to a more red or purple/blue. It doesn't have a chrome finish like the ILNP's. It's more like a shimmer. And I like that it doesn't have any holo sparkles. It's a part of The Yoga Trio Collection. It is not tested on animals and Big 5 Free.

My photos were taken in December, so they may look a little too pale because of the winter daylight. Sadly the sun wasn't shining.

2 photos without top coat:

Nire's Desire Polish is a US indie brand, and can be bought on Etsy.

She was very kind and gave me Nire's Desire's top coat with the cool name "The Shining". Have you seen the movie?

Prana was shiny on it's own, but when I applied The Shining, I felt that the polish came to life. I also felt that the red became more visible. But I don't think it's as fast drying as Seche Vite.

2 photos with top coat (The Shining):

Prana is similar to Crows Toes: Indian Summer, but I think Prana is more red, and Indian Summer more blue. The Crumpet has made a good comparison.



  1. Oh, I love the shift in this one - I see why it's among your favorites!

    1. Yes, isn't it pretty? I think 2014 has been a very good nail polish year with both multichromes and different types of holos. :-)

  2. So beautiful! I've not seen this one swatched before.

    1. Nice to be able to show something new! :-) I bought it after seeing swatches on The Crumpet. I've also discovered some beauties after seing her stash videos on YouTube.

  3. This polish really is gorgeous!