Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Tri- Polish Challenge: Day 7, Cherry Tree with Parrot

Hello everyone!

This is my version of Cherry Blossom Nails. I started with white nails, and made a gradient. Then I stamped the branches with flowers, using the black and the white Konad stamping polish, and Konad m66. Then I added a parrot water decal, and stamped more flowers, and dotted pink flowers with white center. I'm not completely satisfied with this manicure, but it seems to have turned out ok.

Cherry Tree with Parrot nails, holding Konad m66

This is supposed to look like branches from the cherry tree in bloom, and a parrot sitting on one of them. The ground is pink because of all the flowers that has fallen to the ground. After I found out which world day it is today, the parrot also became a symbol for the wild, free, and hopefully happy animal. (More photos after the rabbit!)

Today is World Day for Animals in Laboratories, so let's take a moment to think about these animals. I try to avoid buying nail polish, toothpaste, cosmetics, and household products that are tested on animals, but when it comes to medicines it's not so easy to avoid. Also many countries allow toxicity testing on animals. I think it is unnecessary to test each batch of household products that we already know should not be eaten, like bleach.

Sorry about the dry cuticles on the photos taken outside.

The snow has just melted here, so therefor I had to use fake branches for these photos.


OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls -white (I don't know what I'm going to do when the bottle is empty, now that I have seen that OPI is removed from many cruelty- free lists! I hope it will be like with Body Shop, so that OPI can stay cruelty- free, even though it's parent company do test on animals.)
Gosh#589 Bubble Gum -pink (I can't find this polish on Gosh's page)
H&MBella's Choice -turquoise (also used here) (I can't find this polish on H&M's page)
Sponge -to make gradient (A very good car sponge)
Konad: Black -stamping polish
Konad: White -stamping polish
Konad: m66 -stamping plate/ also used as palette
Dotting tool -to make pink flowers/ mixing tool for the gradient
Parrot water decal (Tropical Birds water decals made by U-Neek Nail Art, from eBay)

Below you can check out the other participants nails for day 7 in the Tri- Polish Challenge. I feel the manicures are getting better and better, and it's interesting to see how different our nails look even though we are using the same colors.



  1. that is unbelievably gorgeous!Fair play to you!

    1. Thanks for liking it! I wish I was able to paint this, but I needed help from a water decal and stamping :-)

  2. The colors are perfect - I like your sweet mani!

  3. Lani this is so gorgeous! The gradient is just perfection, I think is my favourite mani for April's tri-polish challenge!

    1. Wow, really? Thanks! There are so many beautiful manis in this challenge

  4. These cherry blossoms of yours are just enchanting. The parrot sticker looks like it was beautifully hand paintwd on your nail. Wonderful job!!!