Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Tri- Polish Challenge: Day 4, Geometric Pattern

Hello everyone!

I've not been able to blog for some weeks. Although I have some nail polishes and hauls to show you, I'm starting with this tape and stamping nail art, because I'm supposed to make a post for the April Tri- Polish Challenge today. So I thought it was best to show the one that was supposed to be posted before Easter first, so that they at least are in chronological order. This is the mani I made for day 4 in the Tri- Polish Challenge.

What I did:

First I used all the three colors, and painted one color on each nail. Then I taped off parts of the nails and made random color block areas. I used this tutorial (called Springtime Color Block Tape Manicure) by Chalkboard Nails, but made different tape patterns. After the color blocking, I used the geometric pattern on Konad m64, and stamped with black stamping polish. I must admit that I was surprised by how well the end result looked. (The only thing I didn't like was that small parts of the image stayed on the stamper.) But then I ruined most of the nails with the top coat. Luckily I also took photos before adding the top coat.

Top coated color block mani ready for stamping

Stamped with Konad m64, before top coat

Here you can see the damage from the top coat :-(


The Tri- Polish Challenge polishes I chose for March:
*Linda Johansen Nail Candy: Lilac Lilly- purple
*H&M: Mint Madness- green
*H&M: Coral Road - coral
*Scotch tape
*Konad stamping plate m64
*Konad SP black

This photo looks more flattering (nails out of focus :-) )

I'm still thinking about what polishes to chose for April. I have to choose one pink, orange and turquoise. I think I will use Gosh Bubble Gum as pink, and Gina Tricot #88 Flirt with me or Gosh Peachy as orange.  I haven't decided on the third polish...... This is what I wrote yesterday. I even ordered Picture Polish Honey Dew, but now that it arrived, it looks more green than my H&M Bella's Choice... And I wish Gosh Peachy was more pastel, but it's pretty opaque, so I'm choosing Peachy again. I'm going to make the next mani in the Tri- Polish Challenge now, but am not sure when it and the post and everything will be ready.

I have to think of my health, so I have to blog in my own pace. Thank you for visiting my blog although I haven't been posting since before Easter.


Here you can see the other participants' nails for day 4 in the Tri- Polish Challenge: