Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Sweet Dreams, HR Red Magma, and different untrieds.

Hello everybody!

Today I want to show you Deborah Lippmann Sweet Dreams (opaque pink/ fuchsia flakie), compared to Helena Rubinstein Red Magma (opaque red flakie), and different untrieds (peach, orange, purple, lavender, some blues, and green), with different finishes.

First two bottle shots, then some nailphotos of the left and right hand, and later closeups of the two flakies.

Above (right hand), from left to right: 

H&M dou nail polish "Festival Fuchsia"
H&M "Metallic Petrol" (from a 3- pack with multicolored small glitter+ silver), 3 coats
Gina Tricot (also called Bella nail polish at #48 "Diva"
H&M "Urban Spirit", 3 coats
Gina Tricot #47 "Lilac me"
(+ GOSH base/ top coat)

Above (left hand), from left to right:

H&M duo nail polish "Lavender Frost", one coat
Skin Food- Party Tox Nail- #6 Coral Party
(Deborah Lippmann "Sweet Dreams" is on the middle finger, but not in the bottle picture, because it was a tester in a shop)
Helena Rubinstein #13 "Red Magma"
Pieces "Peach"
(+ GOSH base/ top coat)

Closeups of "Sweet Dreams", "Red Magma" and "Peach":

And below, you see what it looked like with one coat. In real life the two flakies look more similar with one coat, than on the photo.

Sweet Dreams:

This is a pink/ fuchsia flakie, and in my opinion two coats is enough to wear it on its own. But "Sweet Dreams" also looked nice over blue, (as you can see in my last post). Two coats over Gina Tricot  #48 "Diva", turned it into purple with pink flakies. And I can  imagine that it would look good over other colors too. It would be interesting to see one coat over different colors.

Sweet Dreams is described as candied pink (3D Holographic), but it is not holographic and the flakies mainly stays pink. The bottle looks darker than on the photo on Deborah Lippmann nail polish is not tested on animals. :-)

One coat

Other nail polishes, in this post, that are not tested on animals (edited May 2nd, 2012): H&M, Gina Tricot, GOSH, and Pieces. I have not found Skin Food on the animal organisations lists. If you have, please send me an email. All my Skin Food polishes were a gift from my father. If I do not know a company's status regarding animal testing, will not buy from that brand until I know. I am very sad to say that Helena Rubinstein is on the list of companies that do test on animals. I am very concerned about animals well being, and have stopped to buy Helena Rubinstein.

Now, I have only told about "Sweet Dreams", but if you want me to tell about the other ones, I can do that.

I have this rule that I have to use all my untrieds before I can use what I want... I still have a few left that I have not used over black. And the nude in the "Lavender Frost" duo. I hope it was OK with skittles today. If you want to see swatches of these, I can do that too.