Monday, April 9, 2012

Nfu- Oh #52+ #54

Hello everybody!

Nfu- Oh #52 is one of my favorite nail polishes. Earlier, I had only used it over other blue nail polishes. This time, I wanted to see how it is on its own. And this is the only nailphoto that I took of it on its own that was nice:

Nfu- Oh #52

Nfu- Oh #52 has a blue jelly base with flakies that look mostly green, and sometimes pale blue. It is sheer, so including base coat and  top coat, this is probably 6 layers. And therefor my nails look a little disfigured on some photos. And also, I got some bubbles. Next time, I will see if it is better to use a skin colored polish under Nfu- Oh #52, to make the nail line disappear, so that I can use fewer coats.

Before taking the rest of the nailphotos, three days later, I put one coat of Nfu- Oh #54 over #52, because I thought it needed some more  flakies.

Nfu- Oh #54

In the bottle, Nfu- Oh #54 looks like this perfect turquoise jelly filled with turquoise flakies, that shift to green or pale blue. But the base color is so transparent that I only use it as a layering polish. But it is a very nice layering polish because of the amount of flakies you get on the nail with only one coat.

And I do not know if it is just something I imagine, but I think it freshens up the blue base of #52. In my opinion it made #52 more beautiful. The only bad thing was the total amount of layers, with yet another coat of top coat...

Nfu- Oh #52 + one coat of Nfu- Oh #54:

Holding the Nfu- Oh #54 bottle

Low light, in the evening

If you wonder where to buy Nfu- Oh, I have written about it at the end of an earlier post. To read it, click  here.

I have seen that other bloggers have Nfu- Oh on the "not tested on animals"- list, but I have not managed to get that confirmed.



  1. Hey, I really like the fact you don't want to use polishes tested on animals. I try to follow the same idea because it is unnecessary. I'm glad other addicts have the same values :) your pictures are amazing

    1. Thanks for liking my photos.
      I try to only buy nail polish that is not tested on animals. But there are so many changes now, with companies getting bought, and different laws in different countries. So I find it difficult to find out what is still cruelty free. But I am not throwing away polish that I now have found out is tested. Thanks for trying to be cruelty- free. I wish there were more thinking like us.

  2. Same I keep them but I will not buy from them again. I know what you mean a lot of companies are being bought out and some are changing policies without telling people. Drives me mad.

  3. Just found your blog and I have to say I love styled photos!!! Come over and enter my giveaway if you want!

    1. Thanks for liking them. I have entered your gorgeous giveaway.