Sunday, April 29, 2012

My entry to the Neverland Nail Blog nail art contest: Magic

Hello everyone!

This is my entry to the Neverland Nail Blog nail art contest. To read about the competition, the rules, and see all the entries, click  here.

The theme for the contest is magic. Lindsey calls it:


And she writes: For this contest, I´d like you guys to choose something absolutely magical that inspires you. So, I used Magic on my nails.

Nail polish used:
Accessorize: Magic 
GOSH: base/ top coat
Hello Kitty by H&M: I love candy 
+ silver rhine stones
+ 3 heart shaped rhinestones

I put one coat of Magic on top of two coats of Hello Kitty. And here are the magic nailphotos of the magic result:

The accent nail is supposed to symbolize Love Potion

Sorry about the color. The nails look purple in real life. The photos are either too blue or too red. The glitter in Magic is purple with pink/red glitter.

And here are some nailphotos with my wand:

And the Magic bottle (with the ingredients of MAGIC):

All nail polish used are cruelty- free. My thoughts goes to the lab animals this lab animal week. I do not want to show horrible photos of suffering animals, but an article about a woman who volunteered to be tortured as a protest against animal testing. Click here if you want to read it. If you want to only buy nail polish that is not tested on animals, remember to check the lists of the animal organisations regularly, because it changes a lot these days as some companies start testing or are bought by companies that are testing, or stop testing. So it is important to be up to date, and therefore important to always check when the list was updated, before buying. If we all stop buying cosmetics that are tested on animals they would stop doing it.

Wouldn't it be magic if we could change the world? Change starts with the actions of one person, and I think we all count. So let's all go together and change the world.