Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hello everyone!

Here are some nailphotos of Drizzle, one of the three nail polishes from the GOSH Spring 2012 Collection. In the next post I will layer some other polishes on top of Drizzle. But first some photos of Drizzle on its own, on a day with all sorts of weather.

It was nice to use a polish that behaved as it should again. Two coats and quite glossy. These pictures are without top coat, but if I was going to wear it for some days, I would have used a top coat to make it last longer. (I use GOSH base/ top coat.) On some fingers I could have used only one coat. The formula is as last years polishes. A little on the thick side, but nice.

GOSH is not tested on animals. :-)

I like the color very much, and to my surprise I can wear it with nearly everything, as I try to show you on this photo:

And now I look forward to some layering experiments.



  1. I love that colour. The floral packaging is gorgeous too :) I shall have to see if my local superdrug has it in stock!

    Linzi x

  2. I have given you a Versatile Blogger Award by the way :) the details are on my blog.
    Linzi xx