Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pieces: Peach

Hello everyone!

Today I just want to show you lots and lots of nailphotos of Pieces "Peach".

"Peach" is my first Pieces nail polish. I love the color, but not the formula. But for the prise, I guess I should not complain, because it looked nice in the end. I hate to say bad things about a cruelty- free company, but on most nails I have 4- 5 coats just to not have bold spots and to cover the uneven surface. As usual, I bumped into things with wet nails, and had to redo one nail, but then 2 coats was enough, like in my skittles- post. To see it, click  here. But I have heard that pastel polishes often have a tricky formula.

What I loved about this nail polish, is that the color gave my skin a healthy tan look, (and that is not often...) but it does not show on the photos taken outside.

I was going to call it salmon- colored, and below you see it next to fried salmon, but I guess I should have taken the photo before dinner...

And here it is next to orange.

And here, next to strawberry jam and caviar (or should we call it fish eggs nowadays?)

It took me some time to find out that it is cruelty- free. I did not find the brand on the animal organisations lists, but Pieces is a Bestseller brand, and I hope we can trust their statement about animals. To read it, click here.

It is possible to buy Pieces nail polish in Pieces stores or on their page online, where you can find nail polish under "jewellery". But when I checked today, I could only find four dark colors, and not the yellows they have in their store. The page also has a store finder.



  1. That's a very pretty polish! it really suits you. Shame about the formula though. 4-5 coats is ridiculous! Fair play for keeping at it. I would have taken it all off :P

  2. Yes, the first time, I was sad and disappointed, and took it off. :-)

  3. Pretty color! Too bad about the formula.

    1. Yes, but because end result was so good, and I liked the color, I will use it again. But if it had been too thick or something, or if I had a polish in that color, it would be something else.