Friday, April 6, 2012

Swatch after testing Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light

Hello everyone!

I was very surprised when I found some Deborah Lippmann testers, when I was shopping. Here is what my left hand looked like afterwards:

This is two coats. Under all this is Gina Tricot 48 Diva. I was in a hurry, and had no time to take pictures of it for you, before I left home. I hope Ray of Light is opaque enough to not show the color beneath it.

There are some scratches because a woman came into the shop, and "had to" stand very close to me, and I therefor had to move my bags with my wet nails. :-( But some of the scratches were there before I put the testers on.


"Ray Of light" is a bit difficult to photograph, so I put it next to some other colors that you might know. But I do not know if that helps.
1) The blue you see everywhere this spring, (Do you call it ultramarine or International Klein Blue (IKB)? Look at the sweather- photos)
2) The flowers of my plant (Streptocarpus Hybrid). Although the flowers are more purple, and the polish more blue, they look similar on the photo. The flowers also look different in real life. (Look at the first photo)
3) Mermaids Dream (below)

They did not have all the new ones. But I am very happy that I got the chance look at the bottle colors in person, and to try them on. Both because I was curious about the new ones, and because some of them were very different from what I had expected.

My opinion:

RAY OF LIGHT has a very beautiful, dark blue/ indigo base color, with evenly dispensed medium size bronze-pink flakies. The flakies look the same all the time, except in extreme angles (and on a few of my photos), and then they look green. And that is as close as it gets to 3D or holographic in real life. My other flakies are more color shifting. But Ray Of Light is a very nice dark blue with not so obvious flakies, so you look beautiful, but not too eye catching.

Green flakies on the right side.
This is a polish I would have been wearing a lot. But to my surprise, when I came home and looked at my nail wheels, I have a similar blue. And I have different flakies to put over it. Mine are not so pink, though.

I have to be hard and chose the ones that I find most unique and like best, because I do not want to use a lot of money.

And as always, I like to mention that Deborah Lippmann nail laquer is not tested on animals, as you can see written on the bottle box above.