Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gina Tricot beauty nails: 66 Viva glam. A gold french

Hello everyone!

This  is a gold french made with Gina Tricot beauty nails (also called "Bella nail polish" on 66 Viva Glam. I free handed one coat of Viva glam, and used GOSH base- and top coat. It is not completely opaque, but I like it like this. It is my second attempt on making a french manicure.

At first, it did not feel like me, but I got used to it, and even though I felt that it was extremely shiny, people hardly notice it. So am still wearing it. And I got one compliment.

Mostly, Viva glam looks gold, but sometimes it looks like a mix of gold and silver. But it was difficult to show it on the pictures.

The bottle looks like silver in sunshine:

Viva glam is sheer, and looks different over white and black, as you see on these nail wheels.
Nr. 16: one coat over black. Nr. 6: two coats over white. No base/ top coat

In the evening, low light, inside

In daylight, inside

Below, I used it over black, in a remake of the design "3 triangles", originally made by Sophie from My awesome beauty. You can see my other nailphotos of my version of  her design, which was my entry to her nail art competition, on my blog post with the same name: "3 triangles"

Next time, I think I will wear Viva glam over black. This is the first Gina Tricot polish I have tried on, but I also bought a purple (48 Diva) and a pastel purple (47 Lilac me), because they had a good offer on 3 bottles.

Gina Tricot nail polish is not tested on animals.



  1. fabulous gold tips!
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  2. Thank you! It was nice to try something different.