Monday, March 19, 2012

5-pack minis from H&M. Part III: Bronze + Nfu- Oh 59

Hello everyone!

I had to update the article because when it comes to Nfu- Oh, I have not been able to get information about animal testing. I have seen that other bloggers have Nfu- Oh on the "not tested on animals"- list, but I have not managed to get that confirmed. So at the moment it is difficult for me to buy nail polish from this company.


1 coat (no topcoat):

2 coats+ topcoat:

As you see, Bronze resembels bronze. It is a color that reminds me of terracotta.
I did not feel that this color looks good with my skin tone. It would probably look gorgeous with olive or black skin. So I added Nfu- Oh #59 to make the nail polish darker. The flakies were almost invisible. But they gave some texture and life, though. Maybe I should have tried flakies in a contrasting color, or maybe flakies simply do not show much when used over foil...

H&M Bronze+ Nfu- Oh #59+ topcoat:

About the set:

Hennes & Mauritz is a Swedish brand, but these nail polishes are made in Turkey. The formula was varying, and some were nearly 1- coaters. I was very disappointed with the polish called Pink, but might have gotten a bad bottle. And you have seen how I would layer other polishes over these. But I find Blue and Red too beautiful to cover up. I liked the colors in the set, and in my opinion they go nicely with the spring fashion, but they are also classic colors. So the set would be great to bring on a holiday. H&M is not tested on animals (at time of writing).