Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pink- pinker- pinkest

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you a pink striped gradient manicure I made in September. This is also my entry to the Rebecca Likes Nails nail art contest.

We could use one or more of these nail art techniques or themes; gradients, animal print, bows, dots, and Hello Kitty. And submit in the same way as in the Chalkboard Nails contest. To read more about Rebeccas contest, the rules, see the other entries, or join the contest, click here. There is still time to participate! You must submit before 11:59pm, March 26th, 2012.

First some nailphotos, and then I will tell you which pinks I used. And let us hope Rebecca (and the judges) likes my nails. :-)

Inside, shade:

With flash:



The word "gradient", and then "gradation" made me think of grammar, so I called this gradient design "Pink- pinker- pinkest".

Starting with the darkest, here are the polishes used for this design:

H&M (Hennes& Mauritz): "Pink" (from a 5- pack set of minis from 2011, I think.)
H&M: "It`s Genious M"
H&M: "Spoiled Beauty"
GOSH: "598 Bubble Gum"
OPI: "Heart Throb"
Cosmopolitan: a light pink that came with the magazine. I mailed them and asked for the name of the nail polish, but never got a reply.
+base- and topcoat

H&M, GOSH and OPI are on the cruelty free list (at the time I am writing this).

I have also planned to participate in another nail art competition this week!
This time Sophie from My Awesome Beauty is celebrating her upcoming 6 month anniversary with a nail art contest. Her deadline is March 27th. You have to recreate one of two nail art designs. It is two tape- designs. You can follow her tutorials, and make your version. I really hope I win the 8 nail polishes from TL Design. Click here to see the other things you can win, and here to read about her competition and on that page you can also go to the tutorials by clicking the photos. She only considers good photos of clean hands.

I have chosen the "3 triangles"- design. I was pleased with the result, but it looked better in real life than on the pictures. I had also started making an alternative mani with other colors on the other hand, but it got ruined before it was ready. So I think I might try it once more.

Are you going to participate in these two competitions too? Which design/ theme did you chose?

I like that Rebecca gives us room to be creative by letting us chose between 5 nail art techniques/ themes. But there are also advantages with having limited choices.



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