Saturday, March 24, 2012

"3 triangles"

Hello everyone!

As I have written about earlier, the blog My Awesome Beauty by Sophie is celebrating its 6 month anniversary with a nail art competition. We can chose between two of Sophie's designs; "1-2-3 arrows" or "3 triangles", use her tutorial, and make our own version.  To read more about her competition, click here, and about the prizes here.

I have made my version of  "3 triangles", with the combination of black with flakies, gold-silver and dark pink. I love the light layering, and the see- through- effect of the pink and the gold-silver. But it was not easy to photograph such a shiny manicure, so the colors, and especially the pink, look more dull than in real life.

My entry to My Awesome Beauty`s nail art contest:

For this version of "3 triangles" I used:

GOSH base/ top coat
OPI: "Lady in Black" (2 coats)
Gina tricot beauty nails (also called "Bella nail polish" at "66 Viva glam"
China Glaze: "108 Degrees"
Finger Paints: "Twisted"

Of these polishes, (because of contradicting information,) I am not sure which are still cruelty- free, except for GOSH and Gina tricot.

I would recommend to read the animal organizations lists regularly, because they are updated. To my surprise, even some vegan brands can be found on the "tested"- list now. Some companies have been bought by animal- testing- brands, and others have actually started to test their products on animals because the law in some countries demands it. (For instance, China demands that all cosmetics sold in China, who are not produced there, must be tested on animals.)

I am very curious about the TL Design (TL stands for Tone Lise Akademiet AS) spring collection (that Sophie is photographing for them, if I have understood it correctly). I only have a green polish called Bombay yet.

I wonder what the other entries look like. There is still time to participate in this contest. The competition lasts until March 27th, and the winners will be announced April 6th.

I had some other layering ideas for this challenge, and I think I will make at least one of them some time.