Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Old bottles of polish: Helena Rubinstein 13 Red Magma

Hello everyone!

I am very sad to say that Helena Rubinstein is on the list of companies that do test on animals. I am very concerned about animals well being, and have stopped to buy Helena Rubinstein.

So this is not meant as advertisement. I just wanted to show you an old and beautiful nail polish.

Here is another old bottle of nail polish. I used to think that this was red glitter, but now I know better... It is actually flakies. Red, and packed with flakies. Being such a bold color, I only used to use it for Christmas.

Red Magma and Cobalt are gifts from the same friend.

(Preview of my gold (Viva glam) french)

When I opened it again, after I found the bag with my old polishes last fall, it looked OK. So I put it on some days before Christmas. But it took hours to dry... And I had to go to deliver a gift! I managed to get there, but with a lot of help. Lol! I even needed help to get a jacket and shoes on, and to put what I needed in my purse... But it finally dried! But when Santa (my nail polish- loving friend) gave me OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air, I took it off.

Do not worry, I am not going to only show old nail polish on this blog. :-)

I love to play with layering, and have some nailart ideas that I hopefully will be able to show you. And as you might have seen (on recent bottle- photos), I have been wearing Candy Shop and Viva Glam this week. So the next two posts will show nailphotos of younger polishes.