Monday, April 30, 2012

My entry to the Rejoice! nail art contest: Accent nail

Hello everyone!

This is my entry to the Rejoice! nail art contest. To read about the competition, the rules, and see all the entries, click  here.

Taylor´s theme is: ACCENT NAILS

Nail polish used:

GOSH: base/ top coat
Hello Kitty by H&M: I love candy (purple)
Accessorize: Magic (purple glitter with some pink/red glitter)
+ silver rhine stones
+ 3 heart shaped rhinestones

I put one coat of "Magic" on top of  two coats of "I love candy", except on the ring finger. On the accent nail I made a line of silver rhine stones on the tip of the nail, and put three hearts on. I chose hearts that has nearly the same color as the pink in the glitter, and "I love candy" because its color is nearly the same as the purple in the glitter. And below is the result. I used top and base coat, and also used it as glue. The first photos are taken before top coat. I did not manage to get the right color on the photos. Both of the nail polishes are supposed to look purple.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My entry to the Neverland Nail Blog nail art contest: Magic

Hello everyone!

This is my entry to the Neverland Nail Blog nail art contest. To read about the competition, the rules, and see all the entries, click  here.

The theme for the contest is magic. Lindsey calls it:


And she writes: For this contest, I´d like you guys to choose something absolutely magical that inspires you. So, I used Magic on my nails.

Nail polish used:
Accessorize: Magic 
GOSH: base/ top coat
Hello Kitty by H&M: I love candy 
+ silver rhine stones
+ 3 heart shaped rhinestones

I put one coat of Magic on top of two coats of Hello Kitty. And here are the magic nailphotos of the magic result:

The accent nail is supposed to symbolize Love Potion

Sorry about the color. The nails look purple in real life. The photos are either too blue or too red. The glitter in Magic is purple with pink/red glitter.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Penguin Day!

Happy Penguin Day everyone!

April 25th is the International Penguin Day. Every year on or around this day, penguins start their northward migration. Only the Emperor Penguin stays in the cold south of Antarctica. So to celebrate, I have made an antarctic manicure, with Emperors on the left hand, and Adelie Penguins on the right. It was fun to try to paint with nail polish. Here is the result:

Emperor Penguins

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hello everyone!

Here are some nailphotos of Drizzle, one of the three nail polishes from the GOSH Spring 2012 Collection. In the next post I will layer some other polishes on top of Drizzle. But first some photos of Drizzle on its own, on a day with all sorts of weather.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pieces: Peach

Hello everyone!

Today I just want to show you lots and lots of nailphotos of Pieces "Peach".

"Peach" is my first Pieces nail polish. I love the color, but not the formula. But for the prise, I guess I should not complain, because it looked nice in the end. I hate to say bad things about a cruelty- free company, but on most nails I have 4- 5 coats just to not have bold spots and to cover the uneven surface. As usual, I bumped into things with wet nails, and had to redo one nail, but then 2 coats was enough, like in my skittles- post. To see it, click  here. But I have heard that pastel polishes often have a tricky formula.

What I loved about this nail polish, is that the color gave my skin a healthy tan look, (and that is not often...) but it does not show on the photos taken outside.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Nfu- Oh #52+ #54

Hello everybody!

Nfu- Oh #52 is one of my favorite nail polishes. Earlier, I had only used it over other blue nail polishes. This time, I wanted to see how it is on its own. And this is the only nailphoto that I took of it on its own that was nice:

Nfu- Oh #52

Nfu- Oh #52 has a blue jelly base with flakies that look mostly green, and sometimes pale blue. It is sheer, so including base coat and  top coat, this is probably 6 layers. And therefor my nails look a little disfigured on some photos. And also, I got some bubbles. Next time, I will see if it is better to use a skin colored polish under Nfu- Oh #52, to make the nail line disappear, so that I can use fewer coats.

Before taking the rest of the nailphotos, three days later, I put one coat of Nfu- Oh #54 over #52, because I thought it needed some more  flakies.

Nfu- Oh #54

In the bottle, Nfu- Oh #54 looks like this perfect turquoise jelly filled with turquoise flakies, that shift to green or pale blue. But the base color is so transparent that I only use it as a layering polish. But it is a very nice layering polish because of the amount of flakies you get on the nail with only one coat.

And I do not know if it is just something I imagine, but I think it freshens up the blue base of #52. In my opinion it made #52 more beautiful. The only bad thing was the total amount of layers, with yet another coat of top coat...

Nfu- Oh #52 + one coat of Nfu- Oh #54:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Sweet Dreams, HR Red Magma, and different untrieds.

Hello everybody!

Today I want to show you Deborah Lippmann Sweet Dreams (opaque pink/ fuchsia flakie), compared to Helena Rubinstein Red Magma (opaque red flakie), and different untrieds (peach, orange, purple, lavender, some blues, and green), with different finishes.

First two bottle shots, then some nailphotos of the left and right hand, and later closeups of the two flakies.

Above (right hand), from left to right: 

H&M dou nail polish "Festival Fuchsia"
H&M "Metallic Petrol" (from a 3- pack with multicolored small glitter+ silver), 3 coats
Gina Tricot (also called Bella nail polish at #48 "Diva"
H&M "Urban Spirit", 3 coats
Gina Tricot #47 "Lilac me"
(+ GOSH base/ top coat)

Trying to get the look of Ray Of Light+ a purple flakie accent

Hello everyone!

After trying some Deborah Lippmann testers, I wanted to keep "Ray Of Light" on my left hand, and "Sweet Dreams" on my right ring finger, and try to make the same look on the other hand. Sweet Dreams is a fuchsia flakie, so it looked purple over Gina Tricot #48 "Diva" (a blue cream with a little purple in it, similar to "I know what boys like"). So this is where last post continues!

As yesterday, please overlook the scratches! I am very clumsy, so now there are new scratches too. But if I did not show the photos with scratches, you would not see the color shifting flakies so well. This is just something I did for fun, so some of the fingers ended up with way too many layers. My left ring finger is the worst: base coat+ 2 coats Diva+ topcoat+ 2 coats Sweet Dreams+ top coat+ Nfu- Oh #51+ I love Candy+ 2 or 3 layers of flakies...

The first thing I did when I came home with the testers on my fingers, was to see if I had something similar.

This is:
Thumb: Gina Tricot #48 Diva (2 coats)+ Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light (2 coats),
# 1: H&M Sweet Blue Dreams+ Nfu- Oh #52,
# 18: H&M Notoriously Beautiful+ Finger Paints Twisted, and
# 13: 2 coats Dior Addict #220 (beige) + Nfu- Oh #51(3 coats)

Well, lets start with the left, and try to make the ring finger purple with pink flakies.
The first thing I did was to put Nfu- Oh #51 over Ray of Light, (but of course that did not give the desired effect. I do not know what I was thinking.) If you have always wondered what Nfu- Oh #51 would look like over Ray Of Light, take a look at this ring finger:

Friday, April 6, 2012

Swatch after testing Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light

Hello everyone!

I was very surprised when I found some Deborah Lippmann testers, when I was shopping. Here is what my left hand looked like afterwards:

This is two coats. Under all this is Gina Tricot 48 Diva. I was in a hurry, and had no time to take pictures of it for you, before I left home. I hope Ray of Light is opaque enough to not show the color beneath it.

There are some scratches because a woman came into the shop, and "had to" stand very close to me, and I therefor had to move my bags with my wet nails. :-( But some of the scratches were there before I put the testers on.