Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trying to get the look of Ray Of Light+ a purple flakie accent

Hello everyone!

After trying some Deborah Lippmann testers, I wanted to keep "Ray Of Light" on my left hand, and "Sweet Dreams" on my right ring finger, and try to make the same look on the other hand. Sweet Dreams is a fuchsia flakie, so it looked purple over Gina Tricot #48 "Diva" (a blue cream with a little purple in it, similar to "I know what boys like"). So this is where last post continues!

As yesterday, please overlook the scratches! I am very clumsy, so now there are new scratches too. But if I did not show the photos with scratches, you would not see the color shifting flakies so well. This is just something I did for fun, so some of the fingers ended up with way too many layers. My left ring finger is the worst: base coat+ 2 coats Diva+ topcoat+ 2 coats Sweet Dreams+ top coat+ Nfu- Oh #51+ I love Candy+ 2 or 3 layers of flakies...

The first thing I did when I came home with the testers on my fingers, was to see if I had something similar.

This is:
Thumb: Gina Tricot #48 Diva (2 coats)+ Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light (2 coats),
# 1: H&M Sweet Blue Dreams+ Nfu- Oh #52,
# 18: H&M Notoriously Beautiful+ Finger Paints Twisted, and
# 13: 2 coats Dior Addict #220 (beige) + Nfu- Oh #51(3 coats)

Well, lets start with the left, and try to make the ring finger purple with pink flakies.
The first thing I did was to put Nfu- Oh #51 over Ray of Light, (but of course that did not give the desired effect. I do not know what I was thinking.) If you have always wondered what Nfu- Oh #51 would look like over Ray Of Light, take a look at this ring finger:

Next, I put on Hello Kitty by H&M "I love Candy":

And I got the look after some layers of flakies. I do not remember exactly, but think this is Nubar 2010+ Nfu- Oh 49:

Then, on the right hand, I tried to get the "Ray Of Light" look:

After comparing Ray of Light with similar polishes and combinations on the nail wheels, I removed the polish, except for the ring finger, and put on base coat + H&M "Notoriously Beautiful":

I put Nfu-Oh 59 on the thumb, but it made the blue too dark:

I tried to find out which flakies would look pink over the blue.

With flash

Then, I ended up with Nubar 2010 (one coat) on the other blue nails. This looked close to Ray Of Light, but had more color shift:

I was very pleased with the result. But the next day, in the sun, the blue in Ray Of Light looked better. And I took it off, thinking that I need both the Deborah Lippmann polishes.

I could probably have added some drops of "Blue" (from the H&M 5-pack set of mini nail polishes) to make a better blue base color. But I do not know if it would help.

A few days after this experiment, I read about a franken called "Rami", made as a tribute to Deborah Lippmann's "Ray Of Light". It looks like the flakies shift less when they are mixed into the base. So I think Ice Queen made the flakies look very similar to the original. But if you like more flakies, and have the original, you can simply add a coat of flakies.

Cruelty- Free brands used in this post: Deborah Lippmann, H&M, Hello Kitty, Nubar, Gina Tricot, and GOSH (base/ top coat). I could not find Nfu- Oh on the animal organizations lists at all. Please send me an e-mail if you have.

In the next post, you can see Sweet Dreams on its own, but only on one finger, next to Helena Rubinstein: Red Magma , and my untrieds.