Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend haul

Hello everyone!

This is what I bought this weekend. Which of these do you want to see first?

These three are from the GOSH Spring 2012 Collection: #610 Blissful, #611 Raw Rose, and #609 Drizzle

Blissful, Raw Rose, Drizzle

Two more from GOSH: #608 Dusty Rose, #594 Miss Grey

Dusty Rose, Miss Grey

Two more pink:
Deborah Lippmann: Sweet Dreams (pink flakie), TL Design: #396 In Love (pink + small holographic glitter)

Sweet Dreams, In Love

The ones from GOSH are all creams. I have never had a grey cream before, but have some ideas. I have tested Sweet Dreams two times, as you can see here and here, but I kept thinking about it, so in the end I bought it. I also came over a display with Layla magnetic nail polish, which looked interesting. I do not know if Layla is cruelty- free, and it was hard to walk away, because they are probably sold out when I have found out...

Plans for April
I am going to wear H&M "Urban Spirit" now, so the next post will probably be about that one. But after that, I will wear one of the newest ones. I am also thinking about two nail art contests, but do not know if I will partisipate yet. The first is open until April 29th, and the theme is "Magic". It is hosted by Lindsay from Neverland Nail Blog. And the other one is hosted by Taylor from Rejoice!. The theme is "Accent nails", and it is open until April 30th. But I looked at the entries, and do not think I have a chanse to win. But before all that, comes the International Penguin Day... April 25th! Or World Penguin Day, as some call it. And I hope I will have time for my first antarctic manicure, hopefully something penguinish. I also have some nail polishes that I had planned to wear over black, but do not know when that will be.



  1. drizzle and raw rose are so pretty! Can't wait to see swatches :)

    1. Thanks for answering so fast. :-) I am putting on Drizzle now. Lani