Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Vacation Hauls 2014

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer/ winter. I just came back from vacation, and found some brands abroad that I'd only seen on other blogs. It was interesting to see them in real life, and I felt that I had to buy some when I had the chance. The bottles were on sale and/ or low price brands, and I tried to stay cruelty- free. We went on a little round trip through some European countries, and these are the nail polishes I picked up along the way. 

This might seem like a lot, and it is. LOL. I also got some nail mail...

...but except for these MoYou London stamping plates, I'll show the rest later.

You can click for larger pictures!

OPI mini set (Nordic Collection 2014). Gosh is one of my favorite brands.

Wet n Wild:

Nilens Jord, Benecos, Gosh, Nicole by OPI:

I was very sad when I forgot the charger for my camera, but found this universal battery charger. I really recommend it because it's supposed to work for all digital camera batteries, and it can even be used in the car.

Sorry about the bad picture, you can see the bottles better below.

Artdeco, Astor, Manhattan:

Rival de Loop:


Nailfoil, Magnetic top coat, 3 magnets:

Sparkle sand effect top coat:


I'm very curious about this ombre top coat:


My first cuticle remover and cuticle peeling. I only use nail oil, but look forward to try them, the nail wax and the cuticle cream. 

Press on nails and "Q-tips" developed to correct cosmetics like mascara, nail polish and so on: 


Sorry that the photo doesn't show the lovely shimmer in these Hema polishes:

Acrylic craft paint (gold, silver, glitter, neon pink, neon coral, and mint) and washi tape from the same brand:

Only You:


I was surprised by the interesting polishes from Etos. I wonder if the duochrome is a dupe of Dance Legend's The Knight! :-)


Brown: Going My Way Or Norway?
Vampy: Muir Muir On The Wall
Red: Cajun Shrimp
Green: My Dogsled Is A Hybrid - The best nail lacquer name ever!!! :-)

What also happened this summer, was that I broke 9 nails... Yes, 9! :-( But not at the same time. So as some nails grew enough to be called nubbins, and I started to feel better, other nails broke. 

I've bought this resin, resin activator and silk wrap, so that I'll be able to repair my nails without having to use a lamp, next time I break a nail. I wasn't able to get the ASP light- less gel kit, but this works too.

I hope you liked to see what I bought. I fell for some polishes that are different from the ones I already have, and I'm curious about many of these brands. I guess we all buy different polishes because of our taste and what we already have in our collection.



  1. Are you a long lost sister of mine...? ;)
    I love a woman who knows to shop like this - an sooo many gorgeous beauties - well done!

    1. Maybe we are sisters! ♥ Thank you for uderstanding! It was hard to not buy all this when I knew it could be years until I had the chance to actually be in a store where I could buy these brands, and then they might be gone... :-)

  2. An I thought I had an addiction ;-D
    Great, great haul. Can't wait to see it all!

    1. You don't have an addiction! :-) Thanks! Now that I'm blogging so little, I've nearly stopped showing swatches, but I'll try.

  3. omg *.*
    this is what i call hauling ;)
    i always try to calm myself down when i see some brands that can't be bough where i live, otherwise i would go banana LOL... but i absolutely understand you :D

    1. I did well in the Tax- free shops and in the first and last country. But the other time I had access to Essence and Catrice, the shelves were nearly empty because of Christmas... :-( And I regret that I only bought a few bottles of a local brand that only cost 1 Euro. So this time, when I tried to decide which polishes to put back, my boyfriend who was waiting for me said; "Just buy what you want." Then he reminded me that they were on sale/ cheap/ 2 for 1, and calculated the price to my currency... and in other shops they had different polishes...

  4. So happy I found your blog. I enjoyed seeing your haul and look forward to seeing some more of your designs.

    1. Thank you for finding me. :-) Glad to hear that you like my blog. I hope I can meet your expectations. :-D Thank you again!