Monday, December 16, 2013

Nail Polish Canada's 2013 HOLIDAY NAIL ART CHALLENGE WEEK 3 - Holiday Memories

Hello everyone!

This is my entry for week 3 in Nail Polish Canada's 2013 HOLIDAY NAIL ART CHALLENGE. This week, the challenge is Holiday Memories. And it's been interesting to read about my participant's memories. You can look at the other entries, and vote for your favourite nail art here.

When I was a child, dad always took me and my siblings and the dogs with him into the forest to find a Christmas tree. It was a long walk, but we had fun. Sometimes we found animal footprints and animal poo, and dad teached us which animals had been there. He always let one of the dogs carry the axe! :-) She held her head high, and looked very proud. We searched for the perfect tree. And then we "helped" dad carry/ drag it all the way home.

Products used: 
Nailstation: Gomme
Konad SP: Black
Konad SP: White
Stamping plates:
BM-H02 (forest)
MoYou London: Princess collection- 03 (dog)
HB23 (snowflakes)

I bought Nailstation Gomme after seeing it on Marias Nail Art and Polish Blog. It's a gorgeous pastel blue, and according to Norway Nails, it's cruelty-free!!! :-), 3- free, and French.



  1. Aww, sweet memories - and a super sweet nail art!!

  2. These nails look so cute!
    I love this nail art! :)

  3. cool mani :D
    love that dog with an aks :D

  4. Thank you all! :-) Yes, this is one of my good memories, and I remember it well. I love this photo of the dogs. I think it shows how trustful and kind and loving they are.