Thursday, January 16, 2014

#31Nails2014: #2 Favorite color

Hello everyone!

I like very many colors, so to represent my favourite colors, I chose a multichrome nail polish that I've showed here on the blog before: Enchanted Polish 'Magical Mystery Tour'. I've used it for nail art several times. For Day 2 in Nails Magazine's 31 Days of Nail Art Challenge for January 2014 (31Nails2014), I've chosen to use this old photo:

Products used: Konad m51 & Enchanted Polish 'Magical Mystery Tour' & Konad: SP Black.

A click on the picture, or here, will take you to the blog post, where you can see lots of very different photos of this manicure. I've also used this multichrome polish for stamping nail art in this skittle, and this gradient. I've also written about this amazing nail polish and showed lots of photos of it on its own here.

This is my most photographed nail polish in 2013.



  1. That is truly beautiful, and I love that photo!!

    1. Thanks! Yes, this turned out like I hoped for once. I'm glad you like this photo so much, because for a while I was thinking about using a photo where the "gold" showed better. Thank you for the feedback! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! :-) I had a very beautiful polish and a very pretty plate to play with.