Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bundle Monster Easter

Hello everyone!

As you probably see, I've used 4 Bundle Monster stamping plates with Easter images, and added some dots. Yes, candy is still a big part of my Easter Holidays! My favourite Easter image is the one with the bunny in the egg with the flowers. The base is a- england Briarwood, bought with a 40% coupon code when many online stores celebrated Tristam's birthday, a few weeks ago! :-) Tristam is of course Adina's (the creator of a- england) beautiful cat. He is 3 years old.


a- england: Briarwood
Dotting tool
Bundle Monster stamping plates:
Index finger: BM- H09
Middle finger: BM- H10 & some added dots
Ring finger: BM- 302
Pinkie: BM- 306
China Glaze: Passion -gold -used for stamping
XL stamper
& base-, and top coat

a- england is not tested on animals.

I actually made this before Easter, but as usual, I'm behind on the blogging. I even have lots of photos from 2013 that I have to go through. :-( And I still haven't showed all the nail art I did the last 6 months... and I keep swatching and making new nail art... What do you think I should do?



  1. What a beautiful combo - it almost give me the antique feeling!

    1. Yes, I can argee with you on that. Nice to hear that you like the combo. :-)