Thursday, June 26, 2014

Music Nails for World Music Day (Jun 21) - stamping nail art - Part I

Hello everyone!

"Music Nails for World Music Day (Jun 21)" was the theme for the Sunday stamping on facebook. So I found all my stamping plates that had something to do with music, tested on the right hand, and ended up with this on the left. I didn't have a plan.

What I did:

I started with "Shimmer mint" from Gina Tricot. Then I stamped the G-Clef & notes image from BM-411 with the turquoise China Glaze: Adore. And on top of that, I stamped the staff/ stave with notes image from Pueen 47 with Konad SN: Psyche Pink. (And I top coated after each step as usual.)

Shimmer mint from Gina Tricot is a mint green creme with gold shimmer. The consistency is strange, probably because of the gold particles. So you have to be careful and use as few strokes as possible.

I have used China Glaze: Adore, (the turquoise metallic from the Romantique Collection), for stamping several times, and it's nice to work with. But I wonder how it is compared to Mundo de Uñas' stamping polishes. Do you know if anyone have compared them? I've heard only good things about the cream MdU stamping polishes, but nothing about the metallic MdU stamping polish collection, except for gold.

I have started to use my second stamper, and finally it has started to work. I had to prime it a little. I'm sorry, but I have called my XL stamper head "soft and squishy", but now I've learned that a "soft and squishy" is a little harder than mine. Mine are called marshmallow. The first one was perfect, but I managed to get some tiny holes in it. :-( I think the new one is more sticky, but they are both extremely soft.

Products used:

Gina Tricot Beauty Nails: #130 Shimmer mint

Stamped with:
China Glaze: Adore - from the Romantique Collection
Konad: SN Psyche Pink
XL stamper with a new stamper head

Stamping plates:
Bundle Monster: BM-411 - from the 2013 "Create Your Own" Collection Set
Pueen: 47 - from the 2013 "Love Elements" Collection Set

I really liked it like this, but I felt like something was missing, so I...

♥ To be continued...               To see Part II, click here.


  1. I like this one a lot, very happy and festive!

  2. I can't help loving each mani of yours, Lani. This one is stunning <3

    1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ♥ You are too kind. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! :-) Nice to hear that you like this version too.