Monday, July 30, 2012

#1 Finger Painted Contest- Emperor Penguins

Hello everyone!

Finger Painted is celebrating 400 followers with a nail art contest and a giveaway. What's very special about this contest is that we can enter as many times as we like! So this is my entry #1.

The theme is anything safari/ jungle/ animal inspired. I really liked the theme, and it has made me think and think. I've had very many ideas, but it was more difficult to paint on my nails than I had expected. So my first entry is one I made in April for Penguin Day:

Entry #1 from Lani

Entry #1 from Lani

These are emperor penguins. The ones with yellow on their necks are grown ups, the one swimming is a juvenile, and the grey ones are chicks.

In this competition we are asked to tell about our inspiration.

My inspiration: I have seen the movie "March of the Penguins", some YouTube videos like the one about Lola who lived in Japan, and the story about Happy Feet who was saved from a beach in New Zealand. To draw these penguins I looked at some photos.

Thank you Lexi for having this contest/ giveaway! Congratulations on getting 400 followers!



  1. your penguins are awesome, love it *.*
    wish you luck with contest :-D

    1. Thank you! :-D It was a great theme for me, but I'm not sure if my painting skills are good enough. I am curious about what the others have made.