Thursday, December 13, 2012

Old bottles of polish: Helena Rubinstein 262 Lemon Heat

Hello everyone!

(If the photos are too far to the right, please use Google Chrome!)
Helena Rubinstein #262 Lemon Heat, 2 coats

Today I decided to show you one of my old nail polish bottles. It was bought before I found out that Helena Rubinstein test on animals. It is difficult for me to post about products that are tested on animals because I don't want to make people buy it, and I don't want to support brands that are harming animals. But the reason why I made this exception, is that this is a nail polish that I don't think is for sale any more. Please tell me in the comments what you think. Is it OK to show you nail polish that is tested on animals when it's vintage?

Helena Rubinstein #262 Lemon Heat, 2 coats

Helena Rubinstein #262 "Lemon Heat" is a deep yellow frost. I love the color, but it doesn't look good with my skin tone. I'm not sure when this bottle was bought, but it's a long time ago. I tried to check if this polish is still available, but could only find some of the round ones, none of these square bottles.

Helena Rubinstein #262 Lemon Heat, 3 coats

I  tried it on again today (after many many years), because I have very few yellow nail polishes, and need a yellow to make my "Festival Of Lights" mani for the Winter Holiday Challenge. And now I appreciate the color much more. It is such a unique color. Nearly orange. But I still think it would look better on someone with a darker or black skin tone.

The formula was flawless. No need for thinner, and nearly no clean up, although I often got too much polish on the nail. I just removed the excess around the nail right away. And I had to concentrate to make the brushstrokes straight, as with all frosts. The only change was that the cap separated from the brush.

Helena Rubinstein #262 Lemon Heat

I had some problems with lighting, so I had to use the photos that were taken before top coat. I have written under each photo how many coats that were used; 2 or 3 coats. In real life I can still see a little visual nail line, but it doesn't show in all angles.

Helena Rubinstein #262 Lemon Heat, 3 coats

I have more vintage bottles, but many of the brands are on the animal organisations' lists of brands that do test their products on animals. And sadly I have not found the rest of the bottles on any lists, so I don't know if they are tested or not. Do you still want me to show them? I know a few of my readers are very interested in vintage nail polish, and that many of you are concerned about animal testing.



  1. I don't see why not, as long as you announce that it's a vintage bottle. But if YOU feel uncomfortable, then don't do it =)

    1. Thanks for the advice! I'll think about it :-)