Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sat- ART- Day Club: Magnetic color blocking

Hello everyone, and happy 12.12.12!!! :-)

Magnetic color blocking, Sat- ART- Day Club

I like that I get to try new techniques in the Sat- ART- Day Club. I do have a "to do list", but this challenge helps me to get started. For Saturday we were making a colour blocking mani. I'm going to use magnetic nail polishes to add a little pattern, and because i want to use an untried magnet and two untried magnetic nail polishes.
This mani is inspired by this post by Esmaltes da Kelly who was the first I saw to use several magnetic nail polishes on the same nail with one pattern. My mani started out as a color blocking mani, but evolved into something that I'm not sure if can be classified as color blocking any more. Anyway, here's what I made on Saturday:

Magnetic color blocking, Sat- ART- Day Club

Before the magnet was used:

Magnetic color blocking, Sat- ART- Day Club

What I used:

*Magnetic nail Polish:
IsaDora #858 Magnetic Mania (purple with blue shimmer)
Deborah Lippmann: Magnetic Wave Love is A Battlefield (magenta)
Prestige: #03 Topaz (blue/ blurple)

Magnetic color blocking, Sat- ART- Day Club. Bottles: IsaDora: #858 Magnetic Mania, Deborah Lippmann: Love is A Battlefield, Prestige: #03 Topaz

*Striping tape:

Using striping tape to make "Magnetic color blocking", Sat- ART- Day Club.

China Glaze: Magnetix II (I used the bulls eye pattern and the square pattern)
IsaDora: (the one that came with the bottle)- wave pattern
IsaDora: star pattern
IsaDora: narrow stripes pattern

Magnets used to make "Magnetic color blocking", Sat- ART- Day Club

*Small round brush
I used the brush to paint the big and small color block areas, and to go back and fix things.

*Base- and top coats:
IsaDora #600 Clear- as base coat
GOSH: #01- as top coat

Magnetic color blocking, Sat- ART- Day Club

What I did:

Being a two coater, I started with one coat of Love is A Battlefield. Then I used the striping tape. Then I went in with the brush, and made more areas on that finger, which I now regret. I made the patterns on one finger at the time, and let them all dry. Then I repeard and/or changed the patterns, and let it dry. Then I used a regular top coat (I mean a not "fast drying" top coat) to soften up and wake up the thick layers of magnetic nail polishes, and to give me enough time to use the magnets. I top coated one nail at the time, and used a different magnet on each nail. It didn't turn out as expected, but now after I did this, I understand why. It's because the color patterns were on the same place as the magnetic patterns. But I'm very pleased with the thumb and the index finger! I also like my ring finger.

Magnetic color blocking, Sat- ART- Day Club, Bottle: Prestige: #03 Topaz

So what I learned is that the magnetic pattern lines should be in the opposite direction of the color pattern's lines. And I should try to avoid too thick layers, so that I don't get bubbles.

Below you can see thumbnails with links to the other participants' color blocking nail art!



  1. I've never seen anything like this. I would be interested in seeing more of these... Hmmm. :-)

  2. the index finger is incredible!! Really unique. Love the idea

    1. I'm glad you like it! Maybe I should make a full mani looking like that finger some time.