Friday, January 4, 2013

I got my nail repaired! My first time in a nail salon

Hello everyone!

I broke one nail, and eventually decided to get it repaired so that I could do some nail art again. But of course I had to wait for an appointment. With one nail broken, little daylight, and also the fluorescent that I use to photograph my nails had to be changed, and I couldn't figure out how to do it, in addition to a lot of stress, I didn't see the point in wearing nail polish. Nail polish would just make the damage show better. By the time I went to the salon, I really longed for wearing nail polish again.


I have never before broken a nail this short. The photo is taken after the nail has been allowed to grow for a week!!!


She fixed my broken nail by gluing on a tip, and put acrylic on top of it. It was fascinating to watch her work, putting a wet brush into a powder, creating a kind of jelly on top of the nail, as I have seen on YouTube. Then she made a smooth surface. The time I had to wait, my long finger nail had started to tear on one side, and I had put some nail glue on it. Luckily she had time to do something with that too. What she did was to put acrylic over that one too. And I had to put my hand into a machine with blue light. (I wonder if it is the same light that dentists use to make the plastic hard.)

If you look closely, you can see that the two repaired nails are wider than the other nails. That's why it's tempting to do it on all nails, but I guess it would be too expensive to keep them that way. But I would get more room for nail art... And I would save time, because I wouldn't need base coat :-)

The nail polish used above is Zoya Aurora. Two coats+ top coat.

This is what the repaired nails looked like without nail polish:

This is what it looked like before the Panda mani. And after that day I have managed to ruin the repaired nails more and more...

I wish my nails could have stayed like they were in November...

What do you do when nails break? Are you able to repair them yourself? Do you prefer natural nails or do you have something else to recommend?



  1. Thats a good fix! I normally let my nails grow out when I get a break. If I get one as short as yours is here then I'll shorten the rest a little, I hate breaks though!

    1. Me too. Especially when it results in not being able to do what I had planned to do. That's a good idea to shorten the others a bit.