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November hauls and snowflakes

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November 2012 hauls

Today I'm going to show you what I bought in November. I know it's a little late, and some of the polishes are probably not available any more. But I'll just show you anyway. This might seem like a lot, but this year I tried to make a deal with Santa, so that I could buy my own nail polish presents, and get money for Christmas. Also these are mostly low price polishes in small bottles. So I feel that I got a lot for the money, and I had fun testing them all on nail wheels. I'll start with what you haven't already seen in the first photo! :-)

Messy Mansion:

Messy Mansion stamping plates MM01, A39, my one stroke mani

Christmas stamping plates: MM01 and A39. I love the images, but sadly some of them are for those with larger nailbeds than mine. I chose these plates because of the dromedaries, snowflakes, trees and the lghts, and wish I could use the large images to. Messy Mansion is an Australian brand. The diameter of the plates is 7 cm (and that is bigger than many other well known brands). One more picture to show you the images on A39:

Messy Mansion stamping plate A39

Flakie, Base- & Top Coat:

IsaDora #600 Clear, Seche Vite: Dry fast top coat, Pierre Reneè #11 Transparent French

Pierre Reneè: 

Pierre Reneè #11 Transparent French

Pierre Reneè: #11 Transparent French (orange- green flakies)
I used this flakie in the one stroke mani. I was very curious of this flakie. Then I found out that I didn't need it, and gave it away. (I already own Nubar 2010... and Nfu- Oh #49... I also couldn't find Pierre Reneè on the animal organizations' cruelty- free lists...)

Seche Vite:

Seche Vite: Dry fast top coat
Seche Vite: Dry fast top coat
This is now my favourite top coat. I have been very pleased with it, except for the day I made my one stroke mani, and it made the hobby lacquer I had used crackle. This top coat really is fast drying, and it makes a thick seal.

Seche Vite: Dry fast top coat


IsaDora #600 Clear base- & top coat

IsaDora #600 Clear extra long lasting quick dry base- & top coat
This is my favourite base coat, although it actually is a top coat too. I love the wide/ double brush, it's easy to apply, and it dries fast. I only wish the bottle was bigger than 6 ml or that the price was lower. Luckily these were on sale before Christmas.

IsaDora #600 Clear base- & top coat

IsaDora #600 Clear base- & top coat


Cala nail decoration: Hologram Jewel, my Bling nails

Cala nail decoration: Hologram Jewel. These were easy to apply, because they are like stickers, but they need a top coat to stay on your nails. I bought them for my Bling nails mani.

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M):

Zipper plastic bag with nail clipper, cuticle pusher?, file, and Frangipani fantasia hand cream, which smells good. (I carry this little bag with me everywhere. Together with a little box of nail polish remover pads, it's my emergency nail stuff.)

H&M: Nail polish kit:
H&M Nail polish kit

Metall Me, Purple Potion, Golden Days, Nude Dude, Peacock Green, Purple Sparkle
H&M Nail polish kit

Thank you H&M for naming your mini bottles! These are 5 ml. I fell for the two glitter polishes with holographic glitter on each end of this kit, and also liked the purple.

H&M Nail polish kit: Metall Me, Purple Potion

Red glitter 2- pck:

H&M 2- pck: Super Red, Super Glitter

Super Red (red cream), Super Glitter (clear, with small red glitter that needs a good top coat). These are 6ml bottles, and I guess they are meant to be used together.

Star shaped mini bottles:
H&M: Orange Reddish, Grey Dark, Purple Reddish

Orange Reddish, Grey Dark, Purple Reddish 
These are 4 ml, so they are actually much bigger than they look in real life!

H&M: Je t'aime, Antique Gold, Oh La La, Mon Amie  

Je t'aime, Antique Gold, Oh La La, Mon Amie. These 8 ml bottles are all with gold shimmer.

Did you notice the SNOWFLAKE in the picture above? The snow was full of big visible snowflakes when these photos were taken!!! :-D  It's easier to see it when I zoom in:

H&M nail polish bottles in the snow

Snowflake! :-) and H&M: Antique Gold

Look at the big snowflake above to the right!!!

H&M: Purple sprinkles, H&M: Fabulous Nails Honey
Fabulous Nails Honey (brown) 9 ml bottle

H&M: Purple sprinkles

Purple sprinkles: clear base with lots of small hexagonal purple glitter, holographic string/ bar glitter, and very few big hexagonal blue glitter. Although it looks small, this is a 12 ml bottle :-)

It has a similar length to the Orly (Be Brave) bar glitter, but the H&M bar glitter looks thicker. Each H&M bar is more visible, but the Orly bar glitter is more dense. Over black the bars look mainly silver, and over white they look holographic and can shift to any color of the rainbow when you move the nail wheel. But I think I see green more often than other colors. I tried to capture it in these 4 photos.

H&M: Purple sprinkles
H&M: Purple sprinkles


 GOSH: Nero

Gosh: Nero  I really needed a black creme.

GOSH: Nero

China Glaze: 

Ghina Glaze: Magnetics II magnet

Magnetix II: magnet with 3 designs. I have already used it twice: here and here.

Catrice & Color Club:

Color Club: Cloud Nine, Catrice: Heavy Metallilac

Catrice: #800 Heavy Metallilac is a medium purple metallic with pink shimmer. The bottle is 10 ml.

Color Club #900 Cloud Nine is a light pink strong linear holographic. I have used it on it's own, and for stamping in my new year's eve fireworks mani. I'm very glad that this bottle is 15 ml :-)


Orly: Be Brave

Orly: Be Brave: Pink holographic bar/ string glitter in a clear jelly base. This bottle is 18 ml :-) It's my third from the Flash Glam FX Collection.

Gina Tricot: 

I bought two sets with 5 ml minibottles i November, and of course these were on sale in December :-(

This first set is called Nail Polish Pack 2:
Gina Tricot Beauty Nails: Pack 2: Holographic pink, Holographic multi, Holographic blue, Holographic green

Holographic pink, Holographic multi, Holographic blue, Holographic green

I wish this photo was much better. Holographic multi has pink shimmer, and Holographic blue is a little darker, and has green and pink shimmer, and Holographic green looks more green. These look interesting in the bottle IRL, but I found out that the green is slightly linear holographic. The others are not holographic. So, because of the names, I got disappointed.

Nail Polish Pack 3:
Gina Tricot Nail Polish Pack 3: Lilac, Shimmer, 3D, Iris

Lilac, Shimmer, 3D, Iris

A few more photos to show the shimmer in these:

Gina Tricot: 3D, Iris
Gina Tricot: Shimmer, 3D, Iris

I love purple, so of course I bought these. When I applied the first coat of Iris, I could see the blue shimmer. But it disappeared :-( I could see it again when I applied top coat, but the shimmer disappeared again when it dried. But luckily the pink and blue shimmer in Shimmer was visible on the nail.

I don't think I needed all of these, but I love to try new polishes, and I really love some of them, and when I look at some of them I can't understand how I used to survive without them.

Did you buy these nail polishes too? What do you think of them? Do you want to see what I bought in December now, or should I wait a few days?


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