Thursday, May 2, 2013

BLUESEA Oval Rose Nail Art Decoration from KKCenterHk

Hello everyone!

In my head these are called "Vintage Roses". This is one of the items I chose when KKCenterHk contacted me again. I had never seen oval 3D nail decorations like these before, so I was very curious about them. I love the vintage look of them. I got a set of two.

Although I had tried to measure and imagine if they would be small enough for my small nails, they looked a bit big for me. So I might show them on fake nails later to get better photos. Therefor I didn't glue them on. As you see on the photo above, the nail decoration has a white paper on the back. And I don't know, but I guess that is the picture. So because it looks like there isn't any plastic covering the paper, I don't know if they can be reused.

What they look like from the side:

You will find specifications on KKCenterHk's web page, but I also took some photos of these roses together with a ruler. (These photos are a bit bigger than the actual size of the ruler)

Centimeter ruler
Inch ruler

When I saw them in person, they looked a little bit more orange than I had expected, so I couldn't use the greyish nude I had planned. But I think they look good together with Ninja Polish 'Divinity'. I was also thinking about using them together with Gosh 'Raw Rose'. Next time I might stamp roses on the other nails.

Here is the link to where you can buy them: BLUESEA Oval Brown Background Rosy Red Nail Art Decoration [BLUESEA-VA09E]

If you want to buy something on KKCenterHk you can use the coupon code Nailphotos by Lani, and get 10% discount.

Thank you KKCenterHk for giving me these beautiful nail art decorations! :-)