Monday, May 20, 2013

Roses stamped over a favorite skittle base

Hello everyone!

'Stamping over a skittle base' was the challenge in the group 'Adventures in Stamping' this Sunday. I was very stressed and didn't know what colors to choose for my base. Then I said to myself; "If you choose your favorites, you can't go wrong". So I did. Well, these are definitely on my top 10 list at the moment, but that might change next month. I also wanted them to look good together, so I didn't include a bright one and some holos that I also love. The nail polishes look different in different light, so on many photos only two nails look their best. I also tried to take step by step photos, but I will not show them in this post.



Thumb: Nfu- Oh: #56 (green jelly with green flakies and microglitter) layered over Pieces: Pine Green (green cream)
Index finger: Nfu- Oh: #51 (purple jelly with flakies and microglitter that shift from green to orange to red, but looks mainly pink here)
Middle finger: Ninja Polish: Divinity (bronze shimmer that can shift to green, in purple base)
Ring finger: Enchanted Polish: Magical Mystery Tour (very multicrome and a little scattered holographic)
Pinky: Ciaté: love letter #112 (pink- orange glitter)

Konad: Black SP
Image plate: Konad: m65

On the thumb I used 2 coats over the dark green base (Pine Green). On the other nails I think I used 3 coats. I used base- and top coat, but the glitter also got a layer of Posché.

After a visit to a farm with some attention seeking animals, I had to help one nail a little. I also learned that it's not a good idea to apply water resistant sun block if you have no time for extra clean- up. I managed to ruin the top coat on one nail during the extra clean up, so I added top coat on those two. Most of the photos were taken after I came home.

A calf and me