Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Deborah Lippmann: Forget You

Hello everyone!

I bought Deborah Lippmann's Forget You a long time ago. Then (in 2011?) I wasn't used to wearing black nail polish, although I had no problem wearing black clothes. But now I feel ok with dark nails, so I'm finally showing you this multicolored glitter in a black jelly base on it's own. (I have shown pieces of it in this geometrical nail art.) Here is a close- up, where you can see the shape of the glitter:

I bought Forget You as a part of the "Get this party started" set, but now it's possible to buy the bottles separately. (Sorry, but I think I've seen Forget You in shops, but now that I tried to double check before I posted, I couldn't even find it on her web site)

The three bottles in the set are all multicoloured glitters; "Happy Birthday" in a clear base, "Forget You" with black base, and "Candy Shop" in bubblegum pink base. I must admit that I only got the set because I wanted Candy Shop, but now I'm glad I have all of them. And I'll show you the purple based glitter soon (I hope). I't called "Let's Go Crazy". It's strange to see how different they look, even though they're supposed to contain the same glitter.
(I used Happy Birthday for nail art in my first blog post: Glitter-illusion-dots , my entry to Chalkboard Nails nail art contest. And the Candy Shop post is my most popular. I have used Happy Birthday many times, and showed it on the blog over a turquoise- white- orange gradientas a layering option, and as a glittery tip with Christmas stickers, in addition to the first post. The plan was to franken different colored jellies to use with Happy Birthday, but that never happened...)

On these photos I used three coats, but that was just because I was curious. Forget You is opaque in two coats, and I think the third coat darkened the glitter more than necessary. I was wearing two coats on my left hand, but the only photo with two coats is the close- up.

As all her nail polishes, Forget You is named after a song.

And as I like to mention, Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are vegan, free of formaldehyde, toulene and dibutyl phtalate, and most important: not tested on animals :-)

What I also like is that Deborah Lippmann makes such a variety of nail polish. You can see her collection, and find a store locator on her web site.