Sunday, July 21, 2013

Favorite Color Combo- stamping nail art

Hello everyone!

Favorite Color Combo

Today's challenge in Adventures In Stamping is "Favorite Color Combo". My favorite colors are green and purple. Here I use different shades of the two colors. I like all kinds of purple, from pastel to vampy dark, and from nearly pink to nearly blue(, maybe because I also like pink and blue?) I also love most greens, but not all of them. In this mani I tried to put my favourite colors together, but now that I see the result, I don't think it's my favourite color combo.

Favorite Color Combo


GOSH: #002 Misty Mauve
Nfu- Oh: #50

Index finger:
Picture Polish: Honey Dew
Picture Polish: Gene Doll

Middle finger:
IsaDora: #714 Lilac Bikini
Konad: SP Green

Ring finger:
Golden Rose: Jolly Jewels #105

Joss: C701 Kyoto Green
Konad: SP Violet Pearl

GOSH: #002 Misty Mauve , Nfu- Oh: #50, Picture Polish: Honey Dew, Picture Polish: Gene Doll, IsaDora: #714 Lilac Bikini, Konad SP Green, Golden Rose: Jolly Jewels #105, Joss: C701 Kyoto Green, Konad SP Violet Pearl

Stamping plates:

I used Konad m69 on the pinkie and middle finger. I also stamped with Konad SP Green and Cheeky Jumbo plate 9 Wild at Heart on the thumb, but it didn't turn out so well, but here is a photo of what it looked like before the stamping, where you can see the thumb:

Favorite Color Combo- before stamping

I liked it like this to. Here is one more photo with the stamping. (The Jolly Jewels polish didn't look sheer in real life)

Favorite Color Combo, bottle: Konad SP Violet Pearl

What is your favorite color combo?



  1. This is absolutely gorgeous - a stunning mani!!

    1. Thank you! I'm very glad that you really like it! It's easy to do, but I think it looks good too :-)

  2. Wow, so many polishes used! Beautiful mani!!♥

    1. I wanted all nails to look a little different, but it's of course possible to make a version of this with fewer polishes, and for instance a green and a purple glitter. But it's my favorite colors, so I had many to choose from! Lol! Thank you!