Wednesday, August 7, 2013

H&M Want a lemon + new wide H&M brush

Hello everyone!

This is the first time I'm showing you a pastel yellow creme nail polish. For some reason I thought my skin was too pale for colors like this. But after seeing many beautiful yellows on Marias Nail Art and Polish Blog, I wanted to try one. I love the color. It's H&M Want a lemon. And as I always like to mention Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) do not test on animals, and can be found on the animal organizations' cruelty- free lists :-)

The first coat was streaky, but as I got used to the new wide brush, it was easier and easier to apply the polish. This is 3 coats and one coat of Seche Vite.

Here you can see the old and the new brush:

Left: Old H&M brush. Right: New H&M brush

I bought this polish a few weeks ago, and was surprised that they had changed the brush. It looks like the bottles with the new brush have a narrow cap, and come in a little plastic box. The old bottles have a cap in the same size as the bottle, and come in a plastic bag.

H&M Want a lemon

I also bought the gorgeous IKB blue called Serenity now, and a kind of pastel grey- green called Chill out. They also have the wide brush.

H&M Want a lemon

This yellow was the base for the yellow zebra saran wrap mani that you might have seen on A.I.S. one and a half week ago. Hopefully I'll show it here on the blog too, soon.



  1. Gorgeous pastel yellow, and perfect application for such a creme!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is gorgeous, and it has made me buy more yellow cremes and more pastels :-)