Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yellow Zebra Nails- Stamp over a Saran wrap method base

Hello everyone!

Ever since I saw a picture of a yellow zebra called Zoe, I've wanted to make yellow zebra nails. The challenge in Adventures In Stamping, about a month ago, was "Stamping over a Saran wrap method base". So the base is the pastel yellow and gold saran wrap mani I showed you in the latest blog post. And I stamped with Konad White and these four stamping plates:

Stamping plates used:

a) Cheeky Jumbo Plate 9 "Wild at Heart"- zebra face with left eye
b) A Chinese plate (Sorry, but I don't know how to write the letters) The seller calls it "QA Series 2012 Anniversary Edition" -zebra face with right eye
c) Pueen 10 from the Sumptuous Gallery set- thick stripes
d) Konad m 57- bending stripes

And here are the nail polish bottles:

Nail polish used:

H&M: Want a lemon - yellow
H&M: Run Baby Run - gold
Konad: White - white stamping polish

The photo I saw of Zoe shows a zebra with blue eyes, and yellow stripes instead of black stripes. But the color looks more orange than the color on my nails. Now I've seen other photos of her where the color of the stripes look more like a golden retriever's. Zoe is not an albino, but has a disorder called amelanosis. Because zebras with this coloring look different from their herd, they are in danger when they live in the wild. Zoe is kept in an animal sanctuary in Hawaii.

I liked the yellow zebra nails very much, and they matched one of my T- shirts. But the gold doesn't show well, so next time I stamp over a saran wrap base, I think I'll choose colors that are more different.