Thursday, May 29, 2014

GOT Polish Challenge: LILAC. Lilac Lilly, Zara and Infinity Nails stamping

Hello everyone!

I try to check a few animal organiations' cruelty- free lists regularly. And Zoya could until recently be found on one "bad guy" list. So I was very happy when I saw that they had been moved to the other side, among the brands that don't test on animals! :-) So I was very happy to be able to show you two cruelty- free lilac polishes for today's Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge. Although one is from 2008 and the other from 2012, I bought them both two years ago.

One of them is Linda Johansen Lilac Lilly, a very beautiful lilac that you can see under the stamping on the accent nail. One coat of Zoya Zara was enough to give the other nails a nice shimmer. I stamped with gold to match the shimmer. I tried to stamp with a polish from the Romantique Collection again. This time I used China Glaze Magical. And again I used a brand new stamping plate: Infinity Nails 18. I included a picture of it, where you can see the variety of the designs. The Infinity plates have the same size as the MoYou London and the Lily Anna plates, so I store them in the same binder.

This picture is taken before the stamping, and before removing the plastic film:

And this is what the other side looks like:

Products used:

Linda Johansen Nail Candy: Lilac Lilly -2 coats
Zoya: Zara - 1 coat
China Glaze: Magical - from the Romantique collection
Infinity Nails: 18

I bought the Zoya and China Glaze polish on eBay. Linda Jonansen is a Norwegian brand, and can be bought online from Norway Nails or Linda Johansen's web site. Infinty Nails plates can be bought from Dashica Beauty Shop.

The photo below is not color accurate, but shows the shimmer well.

Sadly, Zara is not the best color for my fair skin, but I like it layered like this. According to Scrangie, it's from the Zoya Winter 2008 Flourish Collection.

I really like Lilac Lilly. It's very bright and pastel at the same time. I've used it a lot for nail art. You might remember it from the Tri Polish Challenge last year. I bought Lilac Lilly in October 2012.

Here is the the nail art I've made with Lilac Lilly so far:
Sat- ART- Day Club: 1960's
The Tri- Polish Challenge: Day 1, Lily Nails
The Tri- Polish Challenge: Day 2, Easter Eggs & Bunny
The Tri- Polish Challenge: Day 3, Holographic Glitter & White Flowers

Now I wonder which old lilac polishes the other participants are using, and what they have made. As usual, you'll find thumbnails with links to their blog posts below.



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    1. Nice to hear that you like it! Thank you! Thank you! ♥

  2. Love it! Love the base color and the stamped design. Great choice indeed!