Sunday, November 23, 2014

#52WPNMC - BROWN - Caramel Apple Nails - inspired by @polishpdxnails - #31Nails2014 Day 13: DRIP & Day 31: Recreate someone else's mani

Hello everyone!

This is supposed to look like red, green and yellow apples with caramel. I've never tasted caramel apples, but I love caramel, and when I saw a photo of  @polishpdxnails' Caramel Apple Nails, I wanted to try too. I had bought a caramel colored polish, and I should have done it then, when my nails were super short, and looked more like round apples.

With Seche Vite over the "caramel"

This nail art is for 3 challenges:

*BROWN is the theme for this week in the 52 Day challenge: The 52 Week PICK N MIX Challenge (#52WPNMC).

*And DRIP was the theme for Day 13 in the 31 Day challenge I tried to do in January: Nails Magazine's 31 Days of Nail Art Challenge 2014 (#31Nails2014). Better late than never, right?

*And #31Nails2014 Day 31: Recreate someone else's mani. @polishpdxnails' Caramel Apple Nails lookes more like the picture below, so I kind of made my own version.

Products used:

OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls - white
Yes Love: #007 - pastel green (pinkie & index finger)
Yes Love: #008 - yellow/ pastel orange (thumb & middle finger)
Yes Love: F21 - pastel coral (ring finger)

For the rough gradient:
Fan brush & non woven swabs
A stamping plate as pallette
GOSH: 610 Blissful - red
H&M: Amazon - bright green
Gina Tricot: #17 Aspen gold - yellow
HEMA: #443 - pastel yellow
HK Girl top coat
GOSH #600 Matte Effect top coat

For the caramel drip:
OPI: Going My Way Or Norway - pastel brown
Seche Vite top coat

The Yes Love nail polish was bought on the Friday market in Mogan, Gran Canaria, in December 2013. It was only 1 Euro for each! :-)