Saturday, December 27, 2014

Let it glitter! Golden Star - My Christmas Eve Nails

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a nice Christmas Holiday!

This is what I was wearing on Christmas Eve. Red with glitter.

The base is 1 coat of a red H&M creme called Dark Red. It's from a 6 pack mini set that's still available on H&M.

The glitter is called Golden Star. It's from a dutch indie brand called Let it glitter!. I had to try this brand after seing some beautiful holos on Maria's blog. The holos and Golden Star are from the Hohoholographic CollectionGolden Star is a clear base filled with tiny gold stars and hexagonal regular sized and small white glitter. This is one coat, and then I dabbed on a little more of the white glitter, and dipped the brush and picked up more stars with a dotting tool. Then I used Seche Vite, but I should have used more of the clear base first or Pochè, because I scratched myself a little. On her web page you can see how beautiful the glitter looks over black.

Look what winter did to my roses:

If you buy something from Let it glitter! remember to also buy O Holo night, or you'll regret it later...Now I wish I had bought big bottles... Do you like this?



  1. That's a really sweet and festive mani for Christmas :)

    1. Thank you for introducing me to the brand! It was nice to wear glitter for once! :-) I'm glad you liked it too!

  2. lovely look ! brrr snow came here to in serbia europe :(((

    1. Nice to hear that you like it! You did? :-) It's very cold, but beautiful! I like winter, but wish it didn't last so long...