Monday, December 29, 2014

My Dogsled is a Hybrid - My Christmas Day Nails - stamping nail art

Hello everyone!

This mani is inspired by the name of this green OPI polish from the fall/ winter 2014 Nordic Collection: My Dogsled is a Hybrid. 

I think it's the best nail polish name ever!!! :-) A hybrid sled would be nice if the dogs were tired. But how can it work? Do you turn it around and it drags the dogs? Or do you put the dogs in the sled and drive it with a gasoline motor? A battery would not last very long in the cold... Or as my boyfriend suggested, the driver would have to drag the dogs and the sled...

This is what I was wearing on Christmas Day. This manicure kind of evolved, so I'll show you the pictures in chronological order.

Step 1. Paint nails with OPI: My Dogsled is a Hybrid

When I noticed that the sun was actually shining, I ran outside to take some photos.

Not sure why my index nail looks strange.

Step 2. Stamp the trees, dogs and birds on. 

Then I hurried out before the sun went down, and I went for a long walk, as is our family tradition on Christmas Day.

winter sunset

It was -14°C outside, and the snow had turned into chrystals some places. You can see a parts of some chrystals on the photo below.

 This nail polish name also brings back a lot of memories from my childhood...

...I remember the Winter and Easter Vacations before I was old enough to go cross country skiing, when my dad used to put me in a pulk, and let his dog drag it. The dog ran like crazy, and never learned that the pulk was bigger than him... so it got stuck between trees, and turned upside down with baby me face down in the snow...

 ... and a few years later...

...our neighbours came with us. Our parents probably wanted to walk fast, so I was allowed to be in the pulk with the other children. We lay there, all four of us, in a pulk made for 1 or 2 kids, but we talked and laughed and had fun. It's one of the happiest moments from my childhood...

...and when I was about 12 years old...

...I took a course in dog sled driving. We only used 3 dogs, and it's a long time ago, so sadly I don't remember enough to do it today, but it gave me enough reasons to buy this bottle because of it's name, even though I had just bought the "little NORTHIES mini nail lacquers" set, and I think I alredy have some similar green polishes... You might remember them from my Summer Vacation haul post.

Here my skin looks pink because of the cold. I couldn't wear gloves, because they would have made my nails look hairy... LOL

Yes, I know it's upside down

Step 3. Add "snow". 

Sadly, I didn't look at the pictures until I came home. So it was then I added the snow on "the ground". I just used the brush from OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

Ott- Lite

Step 4. Add glitter. 

It was so cold outside that it looked like someone had sprinkled tiny diamonds everywhere. That's why I felt that the mani needed some glitter.

LED lamp

I put a few drops of OPI: My Voice is a Little Norse on a palette and used a tiny brush to apply it. It's from the Nordic Collection too.

LED lamp

Products used:

OPI: My Dogsled is a Hybrid - green creme
OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls - white creme
OPI: My Voice is a Little Norse - silver holographic glitter

Stamping plates:
Dashica Beauty Shop: Infinity Nails 75 - trees
MoYou London: Explorer Collection 23 - birds
MoYou London: Princess Collection 03 - dogs

Stamping polish:
Konad SN White
Konad SN Black

Seche Vite

As you see, exept for the stamping, I only used OPI. I don't have a sled image plate. LOL! So I had to leave the actual dog sled outside the design. Any suggestions?

Here's one photo taken in daylight, where you can see that it's shiny:

winter daylight

What do you think? Does this nail polish name give you good memories too? Any dog sled drivers among you?



  1. Awww, this is so pretty - and the name of the polish and your story completes it <3

  2. i am in love with your nails ! nice !you made my day better ! i love i love :)

  3. is it hard to you to write me here a link of dog plate.i tried in web site but i couldn't find ! just to see the price , if i could afford to me... my Bubi passed away and i am so sad my dear Lani !

    1. I'm very sad to hear that! :-( Hugs from me! But nice to hear that I made your day better. Here is a link:

    2. Lani, my dear friend ! thank you very much.
      i have ordered my plate ! and i can do soon my nails in the name of Bubi
      dear ., all the best in 2015 !
      love you so much !

    3. I looked at the pictures of Bubi again, in your blog post from January 2014. I hope making nail art will be good for you in this tragic time. I wish you a happy new year too! :-)

    4. thank you dear Lani..yes i have label Bubi, because some time she was very close to my photo.Bubi had a stray dog friend , and she is my flat at night when is deep minus , every year!mu mum had 2 dog ( addopted too) but it is not the same..but i can do some nails in memory of my Bubi!
      thank you a lot !

    5. I understand. Dogs are family :-)