Sunday, May 13, 2012

Accessorize Aztec+ flakies+ Accessorize Crystal Shimmer+ mat top coat

Hello everyone!

Today we will go straight to the end of the "playing with layering"- phase of wearing Accessorize Aztec. If you have seen my post where I layered it over green, you are probably ready to see something strange. (To see that, click here.)

I must admit that the color of Aztec was so strange, that I decided to take it off the same evening that I put it on. But first I just had to try a flakie on top of it, and my new holographic glitter, and then I mattified it. After trying again and again and again to capture the purple in Aztec by itself, I suddenly realized that it became a bit easier to see the purple on my photos for each extra coat. Even the first layer of regular top coat helped. The strange thing was that the camera showed very little purple, but exaggerated the multi chrome effect. (Yes, I know I need to learn photoshop, and learn to use the other camera...) So I have a huge amount of photos of Aztec that I do not know if I will show. These photos should also have had a little purple in them. Aztec is a dark green- purple duochrome. It is the color I could imagine as a result of pouring Zoya Jem into a bottle of green foil or something.

I could not decide if I liked the color of Aztec, but it made me very happy. It felt so good to use such a different nail polish. Something new and different! I do not have anything like Aztec. So I am very happy that I bought it. I had so much fun with it and the layering. I have seen on Mirannie's nails that Accessorize Aztec is close to Orly Space Cadet, but not a dupe.

The holographic glitter I used is Accessorize Crystal Shimmer, shade 33. I took these nailphotos four weeks ago, and did not write down which flakie I used. Sorry. But it must have been NUBAR 2010 or Nfu- Oh 49. And the mat top coat is as usual from GOSH, as you see.

Here is what my nail and cotton looked like after using the foil method to take all this off.

The copper particles and the teal is form Aztec.

Well, is this something we like? Or is it just strange?