Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend + April haul

Hello everyone!

Bottle: RBL: Scrangie. I am wearing: DL: Love is A Battlefield

Today I want to show you the new nail polishes I have bought lately. This weekend I got three (Deborah Lippmann), and before that I got one (Resue Beauty Lounge), and before that I bought seven (Accessorize). They are not all new, but they are new to me. And I hope you  are not sick and tired of them yet.

1 from Rescue Beauty Lounge:

RBL: Scrangie

After my April Weekend haul, I bought my first  Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish, after seeing a review about it recently. It is called Scrangie, because it is custom made for her (Scrangie who writes the blog Scrangie). It was limited edition some years ago, and is available again now. It is described like a tinted purple with an iridecent blue-green shimmer.

RBL: Scrangie


3 from Deborah Lippmann

On these photos I am wearing all three of them at the same time.

Bottle and thumb: DL: Private Dancer. Other fingers: DL: Berry Metal

Bottle : DL: Private Dancer. Hand: DL: Love is A Battlefield

Private Dancer is a metallic purple that looks different in different light. You can see it on the thumb on my right hand and in the bottle. describes Private Dancer like this; gilded ultra violet (mirrored chrome)

Bottle and thumb: DL: Private Dancer. other fingers: DL: Berry Metal
Actually, I had planned to buy Sugar Daddy and Private Dancer, but I got a chanse to try the three new mirrored chromes before I bought them, and ended up with only Private Dancer. Here they are on a nail wheel in daylight (sun) and in the evening inside:

1: DL Private Dancer, 2: DL Swagga Like Us, 3: Sugar Daddy

Nail wheel: 1: DL: Private Dancer, 2: DL Swagga Like Us, 3: DL Sugar Daddy

Hand:  DL: Love is A Battlefield. Nail wheel: 1: DL: Private Dancer, 2: DL Swagga Like Us, 3: DL Sugar Daddy.

I also bought the red & silver-purple magnetic set called Steal My Kisses. The set contains two Magnetic wave design nail lacquers called Love is A Battlefield (described as magenta), and Berry Metal (described as amethyst), and a separate magnet with a wave pattern.

DL: Steal My Kisses set with: Berry Metal, magnet, Love is A Battlefield. Nails: Berry Metal

DL: Steal My Kisses set with: Berry Metal, magnet, Love is A Battlefield

I am wearing both the magnetics and tried to film them, because I think they look 3D- like when I move my fingers back and forth to the sides, but my camera did not focus..

I wondered how similar the red (without the magnetic effect) was to OPI Diva of Geneva, which is my favorite red. And in my head they were very similar. Also I hardly ever wear red, so I was not sure if I should buy it. But here you see it together with my most similar reds:

No7: Temptress, Kicks: Brusl Plum #25, DL: Love is A battlefield, OPI: Diva of Geneva

I was also thinking of the Layla magnetics, but never found out if they were cruelty- free...

Berry Metal looks unique in my collection. Here it is together with my other DL purples:

DL: Private Dancer, DL: Berry Metal, DL: Wicked Game

I was worried that my purple from Hello Kitty would be too close to Private Dancer. They were not, and purple is one of my favorite colors. Here you see it together with its purple roommates:

Alessandrio International: #243, DL: Private Dancer, Hello Kitty: I Love Candy

And below you see Private Dancer together with my other purple duo chromes. They are very different.

Acessorize: Aztec, Ozotic: #504, DL: Wicked Game, DL: Private Dancer

7 from Accessorize:

I also bought my first Accessorize nail polishes in April. Normally I test out one first, but I was surprised that they had many special and strange colors, and was afraid they would get sold out. They also were quite inexpensive, so I bought seven. And for me that is a lot. But I should have waited, because this week Accessorize had a 3 for 2 sale :-( You might already have seen me use Magic and Aztec, although I have not really made posts about them.

I have written the name that is written on the bottles (although I just noticed that some of them have longer names on the Accessorize website):

Chrystal Shimmer, Dream, Aztec

Accessorize: Chrystal Shimmer, Dream, Aztec,
Magic, Electric Purple, Pink Spice, Bronze

Magic, Electric Purple, Pink Spice, Bronze

I will try to give a description of these, with the long version of the names I could find:

Chrystal Shimmer, shade #33: chunky holographic glitter in a clear base. Here is a better photo:

Accessorize: Chrystal Shimmer  #33

3D Dream nail polish: blue glitter with a few purple glitter.

Aztec: hard to describe; the first coat looks dark green with copper particles in it, but it builds up to an opaque dark purple- brown- gold- green. I am not sure if it is correct to call it foil. I used the foil method to remove it, and from what was left on the cotton pad, it looks like copper glitter in a teal base. (Seen over green in my last post.)

3D Magic nail polish: opaque purple glitter with pink glitter. (Seen in last weeks nail art competition entries)

Electric Purple, shade #26: purple but very close to blue, semi mat cream. I was sad when I came home, and found out that the color was similar to one I had, as you can see here below. Just pretend that the two to the left are a bit more purple.

Gina Tricot: #48 Diva, Accessorize: Electric Purple #26, Gosh: Lavender Love #001

Pink Spice, shade #35: terracotta- pink foil. This one seems to be a little color changing, so I wonder what it will look like on the nail.

Bronze, shade #41: bronze- pink- gold- brown duo chrome metallic. Look at the pyramid photo.

I have photographed some of these and some from the first haul I showed you. I just have not had the time to write about them. I am still so new to this, that it takes time to write. I also want to show you some of my favorite nail polishes, but now I have some untrieds to wear first. I wear the red magnetic now. It was a bit darker than I had expected, but I like it.

I have made a little comparison of the ones on the last photo for a future post. And I don't know if you are interested in seeing more comparisons. I am not sure in which order I will show the nail polishes in, or if I should show all of them, but it might be a good solution to show the newest first. Or what do you think? I could not find much information about the Accessorize nail polishes, so I am not sure how new/ old each of them are.