Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Layering over GOSH 609 Drizzle

Hello everyone!

Today I will show you photos of how I layered other nail polishes on top of GOSH Drizzle, when I tested out what would look nice together with this dusty green. When I started thinking about which effects I wanted to combine with Drizzle, I remembered the gold I had seen in Zoya Yara. So I chose a gold glitter, but I also wanted to see how other glitters would look, and different flakies, holo, and some other polishes.

A little layering experiment.

I am wearing base coat and two coats of GOSH 609 DRIZZLE, no top coat. You will see nailphotos of 10 different nail polishes on top of that, then with one more coat on some nails and top coat, then with mat top coat, and in the end as I liked it best, with some mat and some shiny nails.

Left hand
Left hand:

One coat of each, from left/ pinkie to right/ thumb:

Deborah Lippmann:  Boom Boom Pow (small and large hexagonal gold glitter)
H&M: Metallic Blue (micro teal glitter/ shimmer)
Glitter Gal: 707H silver 3D/ Holo (silver holographic)
Skinfood Party Tox Nail: #8 (white/ pastel teal glitter)
Orly Rock Candy (pastel teal)

Right hand:

One coat, left/ pinkie to right/ thumb:

NUBAR: 2010 (flakie: orange- green)
Finger Paints: Twisted (flakie: orange- green- blue- red)
Nfu- Oh #54 (flakie: green- teal- light blue)
Nfu- Oh #56 (green jelly with green micro glitter and green flakies)
OPI: Fresh Frog of Bel Air (small green glitter and big silver hexagonal glitter)

As usual, I used GOSH base/ top coat.

1) No top coat:

2) Extra coat on some nails+ top coat:

Left hand: One more coat of Orly: Rock Candy, H&M: Metallic Blue, and Skinfood 8.

Right hand: One more coat of Twisted.

3) Mat top coat

4) Regular top coat over the holographic, H&M, Nfu- Oh #56, the rest unchanged.

I hope you liked the photos, because I struggled this time. I ended up wearing this mani for some days. (A few weeks ago, I never used different polishes at the same time, not even an accent nail...) One of the reasons was that the photos did not show the polishes as they look, so I tried photographing again and again. And in the end I ended up with too many, and could not narrow it down to fewer than 40 photos (!)

Thoughts about the layering:

I like Drizzle on its own, but it was interesting to see how I can make some changes after some days. It also made me want to wear Nfu- Oh #56 on its own again. It is such a beautiful polish. I think it looked gorgeous as a top coat for Drizzle, but it totally changed Drizzle. So of these 10 I liked Skinfood #8, the holographic and flakies. I love flakies, but the ones that made Drizzle look best are #54 and Twisted, both with mat top coat. The mat top coat ruined the holographic effect. I also liked the OPI glitter when it was mattified. But what I see myself doing is using Skinfood #8 or Twisted mattified. They both made me look and look at my nails as I moved my hands in different angles. But if you have a pearl or shimmer effect polish, that might be nice too.