Friday, August 10, 2012

July haul

Hello everyone!

July haul 2012

I didn't buy very much the last month, but I discovered more and more contests that I found interesting. So I needed a few things for painting, and there I saw some glitter glue that I thought I could use for nail art. And  later I found a nail polish mini set that was so cheap that I couldn't not buy it. And I've bought a few nail polishes.

First shopping day:

H&M: I'm not a kiwi, Panduro brushes, H&M: Jo Is In The House

H&M: "I'm not a kiwi", small round and big brush, H&M: "Jo Is In The House", 9 ml

The biggest brush is the one I use to clean up around my cuticles all the time. And I have used the nail polishes too, so I really needed these. "I'm not a kiwi" was 75 % off!

Panduro Hobby: glitter glue and brushes

Glitter glue, brushes
Stickles: "Pink", "Chrystal", "Lime Green", "Xmas Red", 18 ml

Acid free, non- toxic, glitter glue. I haven't tried these yet.
Glitter glue, brushes

Here you see the brushes better. I have tried and tried and tried to paint with these brushes,  but it was much more difficult than I expected. I guess I should have bought even smaller brushes, but those were the smallest they had. Or maybe they shouldn't have been so soft?

IsaDora Magnetic Nails: #852 Metal Mystery 

#852 "Metal Mystery", 6 ml.

This is the brown magnetic nail polish that I used as a base for the Dromedary Caravan manicure. I used the wave magnet, and turned the magnet on my ring finger, to make in look like sand dunes.

I have written about the IsaDora Magnetic Nails polishes, how to use them, and the magnets in the post about their green magnetic; Opposites Attract.

I was going to buy hair color, when I saw this set of mini nail polishes that cost nearly nothing. I think I got a 85% discount!!!

H&M mini set, I'm wearing IsaDora #856 Steel My Heart

"Red", "Purple", "Gold", "Turquoise", 5 ml.

There also was an orange one, but I gave it to a friend who loves orange more than me.

The red is a classic red cream.
The purple is a bit dark and shimmery and beautiful.
Gold is a small gold glitter in a clear base.
Turquoise looks similar to GOSH Ocean.

Gina Tricot:
These bottles look big, but they are only 10 ml., and as last time they had a good price for 3 bottles.

Gina Tricot beauty nails: #76 Brilliant blue, #81 Alexis, #82 Deep sea

Gina Tricot beauty nails: #76 "Brilliant blue", #81 "Alexis", #82 "Deep sea"

I had seen three nail polishes that seemed interesting on their web cite, but they looked completely different, so I'm glad I didn't order them online. One of them (#77 Monaco blue) is a bit similar to Deborah Lippmann's "Across the Universe", but with small green and blue glitter instead of big, in addition to large silver glitter. But because I have "Across the Universe", I didn't buy it.

At first the dark blue was my favorite, but after trying them on the nail wheel, I like the red and teal best.

Brilliant blue: gorgeous teal with microglitter.
Alexis: I don't know how to describe this very beautiful red nail polish. I don't think it's a foil, but it has a lot of microglitter, and it is a bit similar to a glass fleck. I have used Alexis to make the Olympic Rings in the last Polish Days post. To see it click here.
Deep sea: very dark blue, nearly black

Edit: I have added more links. A click on a name above, will take you to Gina Tricot's  online shop, where you can find the price for your country. To choose country click on "change country" in the upper left corner, then on "shop online", "Beauty", and "Nails".

That was all. I have a feeling that I have forgotten something, but I think I have showed you everything.



  1. Alexis looks amazing but I didn't see the link go back to anything. Anywhoo - I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check out the rules and my questions for you at this post.

    1. Sorry about that. I've added some links, and removed some, so hopefully it all works now. Thanks for nominating me!

  2. Wow beautiful nail polish, i want this please tell me how much it's price. Thanks for sharing nice post.:)

    1. Which polish do you mean? If you mean the Gina Tricot polishes, I've added links above. I'm glad you liked my post!