Sunday, August 5, 2012

MY AWESOME BEAUTY contest: Tape recreation #3

Hello everyone!

Here is one more entry for the MY AWESOME BEAUTY contest. I told about the competition in today's first post.

This is my version of Sophie's tape design from the post called "Simple pink bling". A very purple version:

Tape recreation #3
Tape recreation #3

Tape recreation #3

Tape recreation #3

Tape recreation #3

Tape recreation #3

Nail polish used:

H&M: Beauty Bandit (purple cream)
Deborah Lippmann: Private Dancer (purple mirrored chrome)
H&M: Purple Flash (purple foil)
Cult Nails base- and top coat

I'm including a few photos from before it was ready. Here is the striping tape I used:

I took a photo of the Deborah Lippmann bottle, but forgot to photograph the other two. If you wonder what they look like, you can find them in my latest haul post.

I hope I win the pastels! Sophie will post all the entries on her blog.

Tape recreation #3

Thank you Sophie for hosting this contest! And thanks for the red thai curry recipe! We have had it for dinner four times already.

Tape recreation #3



  1. So pretty! I really need to get some striping tape as I find it very awkward to try to cut up scotch tape in straight lines =)

    1. Thank you! I found it difficult to place the striping tape, but it was just my second time. But it seems to have less glue, so it's easier to work with than Scotch tape.