Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday- OPI Heart Throb and subtle stamping

Hello everyone!

I made this for breast cancer awareness. The breast cancer ribbon is pink. October is the international breast cancer awareness month, and this is the first time I participate in making a pink mani for breast cancer awareness. I was about to write "better late than never", but with breast cancer it's the opposite... If it's one thing I've learned, it's the importance of detecting cancer early.

I'm very glad that I got this opportunity to join  a lot of bloggers in making pink manis for breast cancer awareness. This group is posting pink manicures every Wednesday in October. Go Pink Wednesday is organized by Andrea from the blog Finger Painting Fingers. You can find more information about "Go Pink Wednesday" if you click on the badge below. Thank you Andrea for explaining everything so well!

Go Pink Wedensday

This is 3 coats of OPI "Heart Throb". I stamped with OPI "Just Spotted the Lizard" using KONAD stamping plate m36, because the lilly image looked like my flower. Here are two photos of Heart Throb on its own:

Regarding breast cancer, I can't stress enough the importance of early detection and early treatment. This is a decease that you can't ignore. If you find a lump, go to the physician as soon as possible. Don't wait. Although there is great progress in cancer research, many patients still die. It depends on which type of cancer one gets, and how early the treatment started.

I have been very lucky so far. I know a breastcancer survivor. And when I found lumps in my breasts, they found out that it wasn't cancer. This has happened twice. I was very scared, and afraid of not being taken seriously because I was young, but at the same time I hoped that the doctor would say that it was nothing. Both times I was sent to mammography. I was a wreck the weeks I had to wait for the mammography appointment. And had told very few about it, because I didn't want to alarm my friends and relatives. Don't get alarmed if the mammography hurts, or if a clear yellow fluid comes out of your breast while it gets squeezed. Noone had told me, so for me it was a shock when I saw the fluid. Then I was sent to ultrasound examination. And that didn't hurt at all, but my eyes were full of tears while we looked at the screen during the examination, and I cried even more when it wasn't cancer. I had heard of others who were misdiagnosed, so it was hard for me too trust that it was really true. I thought a bit about demanding a biopsy, but now I have managed to forget about it. Sometimes one has to lay ones life in the hands of health workers, and trust them.

If you have felt lumps in your breasts like I did some years ago, and get nervous when you check your breasts, ask your physician to do it for you. It is recommended to check the breasts regularly. If you still have your period, check on the same day of the cycle. There are videos on YouTube showing how to check your breasts.

As you probably have seen on the news earlier this year, there has been progress in research. They have found a way to detect and classify the type of breast cancer the patient has. This means that patients in the future will get the correct treatment. And the patient will no longer have to take medicines just in case they work. Without those unnecessary side effects it can also make the life quality better. This also means that only those who needs surgery have to go through surgery.

I hope they will find vaccines against all kinds of cancer, like the ones they have made against HPV. Luckily many countries started mass vaccination some years ago.

I bought these ribbons to support breast cancer research and breast cancer related projects.


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  1. Your mani is lovely and the pictures are so pretty! I really loved it!

    Can I suggest to edit some of your photos which have a yellow hue to it? I think they will look great with the color correction and the real color will show better. If you want I can help you with this :) Just let me know. :)