Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My entry to "Purple Glitters: Giveaway time with a twist"

Hello everyone!

The challenge in this nail art competition is to make something that Mateja from Purple Glitters would like to wear, something that describes her, something that is her style or her color. If you want to participate, you still have time. The deadline is 25th October 2012 at midnight. You can find more information about the challenge here. This is what I created for this challenge.

We were also asked to write why we think the manicure represents Mateja.

I made a purple manicure and used different types of glitter but mainly purple glitter, because her blog is called Purple Glitters, and I therefor presumed that she would like that. I used the cat image because she has written that she likes cats. The nail with the cat is not covered with the holographic glitter, because I wanted the cat to stand out. And without the holographic glitter the other glitters I used are easier to see. I stamped a diagonal pattern on two nails because I have seen that some of her manicures include diagonal patterns, and I wanted to bring her style into the manicure. And I included a palm tree and some butterflies because... because... because... I think everybody like that... How can anybody not love palm trees and butterflies??? Lol! I am trying to hold my two cats made of stone, because she loves cats. Now that I have read about Mateja once more, I see that she loves all animals, so butterflies should be OK.

I'm sorry that one of the lamps that makes the purple polish look as it does in real life, also makes my skin look yellow. Below you see one photo taken in daylight, where the purple looks too blue.

What I did and used:

Linda Johansen Nail Candy: Star Gazer (3 coats)
a sponge
Linda Johansen Nail Candy: Lilac Lilly
Hello Kitty by H&M: I Love Candy
H&M: Purple (from this Summer 2012 mini 5- pack)
(These 3 were sponged on in different ways, before I dabbed on these 2 glitters:)
Acessorize: Magic (I used much of this glitter)
OPI: Divine Swine (only a little of the magenta glitter, not the silver)
IsaDora 600 Clear base/ top coat (+1 coat before stamping)
KONAD Stamping nail art kit: stamping plate m36 (flowers, butterflies), white stamping polish
KKCenterHk stamping plates: B26 (palm tree), B114 (cat)
Kleancolor 230 Chunky Holo Fuchsia (1 coat)
Out The Door: Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat "Silver" (1 coat, except on the ring finger)

If you want to buy something from KKCenterHk, you will get 10% discount with my coupon code "Nailphotos by Lani" until 31st January 2014. (Edited January, 2013)

I have recently started using stamping plates, and need more, so I hope I win the stamping plates.

Thanks Mateja for hosting this challenge!



  1. Oh WAW! You did it perfect! I totally LOVE it <3

    1. That's good to hear. I tried to make something that you would like :-)

  2. That's a lot of purple polish! You did a great job of combining them all together for one lovely cohesive mani! Very pretty! Your stamping looks great too. I feel like I am always perfecting mine and it never has the look I want. That's a cute kitty!

    1. Thank you! I had to redo some nails, but on most nails a layer of top coat before stamping helped, so that I could remove the image and and try again without starting from scratch. Things seldom turn out the way I want either.