Thursday, October 11, 2012

Polish Me Happy aka World Mental Health Day

Hello everyone!

As I'm writing this it's 10th October. This year World Mental Health Day will focus on depression as a global crisis. I try not to focus on sad things on this blog, but mental illnesses are such an important thing to be aware of, and to know how to handle. I made this manicure to help raise awareness about depression, and to give a hug to all of you who need it. I will also give you some links to what Scrangie and others have written about depression (in a much better way than I would be able to).

H&M Polish Me Happy (looks too dark here)

Because the color of the depression ribbon is green, I'm wearing my favorite green nail polish; Nfu- Oh #56. It's a green jelly with green microglitter and green flakies. It would have been possible to build up a beautiful color with 3 coats. This is one coat of Nfu- Oh #56 over H&M Polish Me Happy. Believe it or not, this is the polish that I prefer to use under #56. But when I looked at the name "Polish Me Happy" I  felt that it was perfect for today's theme. :-) Polish Me Happy is a green cream nail polish. I used IsaDora #600 Clear as base- and top coat. The pink and blue hearts are for all of you boys/ girls/ men/ women who knows someone who are suffering from depression or other mental disorders, and for you who suffer from mental disorders.

For depression awareness

Here's some of what WHO (World Health Organization) writes on their page about World Mental Health Day:

"Depression affects more than 350 million people of all ages, in all communities, and is a significant contributor to the global burden of disease. Although there are known effective treatments for depression, access to treatment is a problem in most countries and in some countries fewer than 10% of those who need it receive such treatment."

World Mental Health Day nails, bottle of Nfu- Oh #56
Scrangie has written two very good and informative posts about depression. I really think you should read them. You can go to Scrangie's posts if you click here and here. She will tell you facts about depression, different forms of depression, how to help someone who is depressed, and show you lots of beautiful green nail polishes.

Polish Me Happy aka World Mental Health Day

In many countries October is breast cancer awareness month, but in the US, October is also depression awareness month. Have you heard of other countries that do that? So you will probably see more and more bloggers with green nails this month. Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures has made some beautiful green water marbles. Here is one link: Green Water Marble For Depression Awareness+ Tutorial.

Nfu- Oh #56 over H&M Polish Me Happy

In some parts of the world there are more openness about depression than it used to be. I hope it will soon be easier for people with other mental illnesses too. I think that information can help to change the attitude to mental diseases, so that more people seek help. In some countries it's possible to call and talk to a psychologist a few times for free, without having to tell your physician or anyone. I think such possibilities could make people seek help at an earlier stage. And it can be easier to treat an illness that has just started, or to help someone before he/ she gets ill.

Green nails for depression awareness

I have one more link for you. If you click here, you can find other blog posts written for this day.

I blog for World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

I hope that we one day will get treatment for all mental illnesses, that are 100% effective, without side effects, and not addictive. In my opinion one of the most important things to do to prevent depression and other mental illnesses is to make sure that people are kind to each other. That's not so easy, but at least we can hope for progress in research and in people's attitude till next year's Mental Health Day.



  1. I really like it. I didn't even know it was world mental health day!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! :-) I don't think many knows. I remember a day with lectures on mental health day some years ago. But I wouldn't have known the date if I wasn't invited to an event this year.

  2. i like all of them nice green Colours and of course Nails

  3. I like them too! Mental health world day should open eyes to many people that should be more aware of mental health problems.