Thursday, September 19, 2013

Love Stinks

Hello everyone!

This is a beautiful pink and blue nail polish. The main color is pink, and it has a very fine baby blue glitter (or is it glass fleck?) that shows very well. As you will see on the photos, the polish looks different in different light conditions, especially in the sun and in the shade. It is beautiful in the evening/ low light too.

I also love the name of the nail polish! :-) Love Stinks is made by the US indie brand Crows Toes. It's from Crows Toes' ValenCrows collection, spring 2013. You can read the creator's thoughts about the collection here.




Two coats is enough for opacity, but I think it looks even better with 3. I don't know if it was me imagining it, but I think the top coat made it look more glittery. Before that it looked more shiny/ blue. But I think all these photos are taken after 2 coats.

This is a polish that you have to see IRL to understand what it looks like. I must admit that I looked at this bottle online, and wanted to buy it many times, but when I checked swatches, I mistakenly thought it looked very transparent and dull. So I'm very grateful for winning this bottle in the Norway Nails 1000 Facebook Likes Giveaway this summer.

According to Norway Nails, Crows Toes is 3-free and cruelty- free! :-)

Have you tried this brand? Which ones did you buy? I've already tried one more from Crows Toes. I hope to show you the gorgeous Birthday Suit soon. If you are looking for good swatches of Crows Toes polishes, I recommend Crows Toes blog: The Polished Crow or their facebook page.

Thank you Norway Nails for choosing this nail polish for the Mystery Grab Bag that I won! :-)



  1. Looks so pretty :) I've never heard of that brand! Neat!

    1. Thank you! I heard about it when Norway Nails started selling indie nail polish in February. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! :-) Yes, It's not too bright, and the blue makes it stand out.